Cleaning Your Hot Tub Or Spa

There’s no denying the fact that we all like an easy life when we get the chance, however being a hot tub owner unfortunately means spending part of your time keeping it clean and hygienic. Maintenance is something you just can’t skimp on and it’s not worth risking your family’s health because you simply can’t be bothered. Luckily there are accessories and products designed with that in mind so you can keep your hot tub, pool or spa in perfect condition with the minimum of effort. To take a look at just a few of these fantastic products in a little more depth, we caught up with UK based Aqua Spa Supplies.

Chemicals Which Kill Off Bacteria

Whilst it’s a fairly easy job maintaining the quality of the water; just choose from a range of different chemicals that will kill off any bacteria and germs or perhaps a product like Aquasafe 90 which is an eco friendly formula, how do you clean the actual hot tub itself without a lot of hard scrubbing? Try the Mytee Mitt. It’s manufactured in the USA and is a glove that you just slip on and gently rub over the surface of the hot tub or spa. It’s non abrasive so it won’t damage the surface and will effectively remove dirt and scum without the need of harsh chemicals or other products. It is particularly effective around the water line where you can sometimes get a build up of dirt and for really stubborn marks and stains, just add a small amount of cleaner to boost the job. Its thousands of mini bristles easily remove any dirt and stains from the surface and it’s a great accessory to use around the house as well. Try using it in the shower to remove soap splashes and water marks with no scrubbing or how about using it as an easy way of cleaning your patio furniture out in the garden? It is also very effective on boats and around the kitchen as well so makes a very cost effective purchase.

If nothing else, specialist hot tub cleaning products help to make the whole process that little quicker and easier than cleaning by hand, however what also needs to be taken into consideration is that keeping your hot tub clean is absolutely vital! The risks of germs and bacteria breeding in warm water are far higher than you’d like to think, however by following a strict cleaning procedure and by using the right products, you’ve absolutely nothing to worry about!

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