Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets for your Remodeling Project

kitchen cabinetThe role of your cabinetry is vital in the look, function, and design of a kitchen and your enjoyment in spending time there. Cabinets are crucial to any kitchen remodeling project; furthermore, as nearly 60% of the cost of an average kitchen is spent on the cabinetry, choosing the right cabinets is a critical decision in both remodeling and new construction of a kitchen.
Call a Kitchen Design Professional
It can be very difficult to select the right cabinetry matching the overall kitchen environment and appropriate to its level of use, so the easy way around this difficulty is to take the help of a professional contractor–that is, call a professional design firm and let them to take the pain on behalf of you. Bath and kitchen design professionals are a wonderful choice for any homeowner to select the right cabinetry. This approach could also be a suitable option for remodelers and builders who want product selection completed.
Tips to Choose by Yourself
Given that you may spend a big chunk of money on the cabinetry, however, the cost of hiring professionals can appear to be a burden.  Choosing the product yourself will save the extra expense. You can prepare yourself for a win-win cabinetry shopping experience by learning the details about cabinets. Try out the following tips:

  • First, you will need a clear idea about cabinet qualities and the performance of different types of cabinet construction materials. When you understand these things, you will be able to evaluate the price, which should reflect the product’s quality. As the cost of cabinets tends to control the cost of kitchen remodeling, it is very important for you to know the differences in quality grades of this product.
  • Your selection process should also include the differences between wood and laminate finishes. In addition, you should consider the way the cabinet finish is done. For example, the best quality finishes for wood cabinets go through a number of stages, including sealing, sanding, hand-wipe staining, and finish coating. Knowing about the finish types will help you find the best product.
  • Measuring the kitchen space is another critical issue in choosing the best kitchen cabinet. The space available in your kitchen will determine the type, size, and design of your cabinetry. Before you shop, measure the available space accurately and survey the overall configuration of the room to purchase the best possible combination of aesthetic as well as functional cabinetry within the available space and budget parameters.
  • Be sure not to forget the quality of the cabinet hardware. For example, the doors, knobs, drawer system, hinges, handles, and pulls are important add-ons, and their quality should match the quality of the cabinet construction and finish. Hardware is available in a great variety of styles at all price ranges and contributes to a truly customized look.
  • Finally, think about the accessories of the cabinetry. Each part of a cabinet is important and has a certain function. For example, oversized drawers are used for storing baking sheets while pull-out drawers are for pots and pans. Accessories like drawer organizers, built-in racks, spice holders, and Lazy Susans will make your cabinet more functional and efficient.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to find the best cabinetry for your remodeling project.
The author is a professional kitchen cabinet expert, writing about Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling NJ.

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