Choosing The Correspondence Mode

The choice of a course is a task indeed! And if you have done that, way to go! Pondicherry University is at your service with a variety of correspondence courses and a series of attractive offers. Globalisation and technology have got the world closer. Correspondence courses are imparted through synchronous and asynchronous modes to give maximum benefit to the students.

Correspondence courses are imparted through web conferences, teleconference, audio and video recordings, live streaming, internet radio, emails, printed media, etc. the faculty is also available 24/7 for any doubt clearing or discussions through emails or live chats. The University also organises a regular faculty-meet program to have face-to-face interaction with the faculty. Students are also kept at par with industry happenings through industry visits, talks by industry experts, group discussions with stalwarts, etc. a number of internship programs and team projects have also been included to give a picture of how the industry goes about.

The courseware has been designed and developed by the alumnus from revered institutes like IITs and IIMs after great research and discussions. The curriculum is dispatched to students as printed material. It is also uploaded on student e-learning portal along with sample papers, to be accessed by students through login ids. The University also provides the courseware at your fingertips through a smartphone application,” Avagmah”. This smartphone application will ensure that students can access the material on the go, anytime, with just an internet connection.

Pondicherry University offers a range of correspondence courses like PG courses, PG Diploma Courses, MBA courses, etc. Distance MBA courses offered are MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, MBA in International Business, and MBA in Human Resource Management. Distance MBA courses are a two-year program span over four semesters. The first year contains subjects that are the foundation of the management principles while the second year focuses on the chosen specialisation. A degree of any recognised university is the prerequisite for distance MBA courses.

The exponentially growing market demand has an ever-growing need for well-trained business managers. Hence MBA graduates are easily absorbed into the market with the high pay scale. Portfolios like the director, founder, business analyst, strategist, program manager, project manager, product managers are adorned by our graduates. With changing lifestyles and mind-sets, the demand for correspondence courses has also increased as the quality of education imparted is also highly satisfactory and various companies are recognising the correspondence courses.

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