Choosing A Piano? What You Need To Know

Whether it’s something you’ve wanted to do for a while, or you’ve set yourself a challenge for the New Year, learning the piano is no mean feat. But once mastered, the piano can produce the most beautiful sound and provide an enormous amount of satisfaction for the player and the listener. So, what should you know about purchasing a piano and where should you start? Here are some top tips to set you off tinkling those ivories.

Choosing the Sound of Piano:

There are various pianos that provide a different sound, style and recording. Depending on the type of sound you want to produce, will depend highly on the type of piano you should you choose. There are various sellers that will be able to advise on the best piano for the music you are trying to create as different brands, makes and models of pianos have different features.

Choosing the style of Piano:

If you’re choosing a piano as a feature within the home but can’t quite afford a grand piano, then the Yamaha hybrid is the perfect middle man; sleek, classic and with a great sound this ticks all boxes including styling. Of course, if you are going for something space saving then a portable piano may well be more something that suits your needs. There are such a vast range of piano styles, colours and sizes that you are bound to find the one that meets you requirements.

Choosing your Budget:

It’s important to have this in mind before looking at what pianos are available as you can get carried away with the choice that is out there. By knowing what you have to spend you can fit everything else around this and find a piano that not only looks good within your home but you can enjoy without the guilt of spending a fortune. There are many pianos that fit around a modest budget so although it seems an extravagant purchase, it’s not something that will take all of your savings.

Finally, Try before you Buy:

There are many showrooms where you will be able to sample a piano prior to your purchase. If they are a credible store they should be able to help you find the piano you want based on your decisions from the previous points and leave you feeling certain of the instrument that’s right. Whether you then decide to purchase from them directly or choose an online music store, at least you are sure of what you need.
An instrument is not something you can impulse buy if it’s something that you want to use. Make sure you do your research and understand the different types of pianos available to purchase something that gives enjoyment to all.
Written by Jenny Pilley on behalf of Crane’s Music – proud providers of a one stop shop for all your musical needs. To take advantage of our years of expertise, visit our website or contact us today.

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