Why Choose Menorca As Your Next Holiday Destination?

If you are looking for sea, sun and sand in a beautiful and peaceful surrounding, you cannot do any better for your next holiday destination than Menorca. Holiday accommodation is easily accessible through the island, and no matter where you stay you will be able to see it all on this small yet amazing island.

If you are looking for some great reasons to convince yourself to make Menorca as your next holiday destination, here are a few:

  • It Has Plenty Of Beaches

The island perhaps be smaller than the other popular Balearic Islands, but there are plenty of beaches out there in Menorca. Holiday homes are mostly located close to these amazing beaches, and you have a broad range of option to choose from. The island has got more beaches than the other Balearic Islands, so in this case, you will be enjoying not only just quantity but quality as well.

  • A Peaceful Holiday Destination

If you want late nights and parties, Mallorca and Ibiza are the holiday spots. However, if you are looking for something more peaceful, you perhaps be better off traveling to Menorca. Holiday rentals here are usually found near peaceful fishing villages as well as in tranquil resorts, which make it the best place for a more ‘chilled out’ vacation.

  • Small Place Which Is Easy To Travel Around

Menorca is relatively a small island, which makes it the best place if you intend to travel around and explore more of it. If you choose to rent a car Menorca, you can easily travel from one village to another and from one town to another, taking in the incredible coast and the rugged interior.

  • Amazing Climate

If you plan on traveling to Menorca in summers, you will find the weather pleasantly warm throughout the peak months. It is not really as hot as Mallorca but can be a lot better for some travelers who prefer enjoying warm beach weather without feeling uncomfortably hot. The island also gets plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

  • Walk Around

There are several different activities for you to enjoy while you are on the Menorca Island, and walking is one of the best. Whether you intend to wander along the ancient Camí de Cavalls path that stretches around the island coast, or you stroll through the hills of the interior, you will find amazing opportunities to stretch your legs.

Last but not the least, if you want to travel to Menorca, holiday opportunities are quite easy to find. These aforementioned reasons are just the start, and there are numerous other attractions merely waiting to be explored!

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