Choose From The Many Selections In Sheds At Ilikesheds Wooden Sheds

Not every person has the same requirements in a shed. At Ilikesheds wooden sheds, they aren’t limited to a few models. The brands, sizes, and styles are almost unlimited. This means anyone should be able to find their preference.

Choose From The Many Selections In Sheds At Ilikesheds Wooden Sheds

Combining choices of brand, size, and styles will give a very unique looking structure that should also be customizable to meet the needs of the person. Different used require different sizes and even styles. Some brands offer certain ones and other brands offer others. If one brand doesn’t have what a customer wants, a different brand should have.

Brands Available

There are a number of brands available. The recognizable brands are some of the highest quality available in the industry today. These brands include:

  • Stowe

  • Rowlinson

  • Escape

  • Aston

Anyone familiar with shed manufacturers will recognize these brands as being of the top quality. Searching the brands can help a customer find a price point that they are comfortable with, while getting the styles and sizes they want.

Sizes Available

There are almost endless sizes available at Ilikesheds wooden sheds. From a small shed of 3’ x 4’ to a very large 18’ x 10’ there are almost every size imaginable available for selection. The use dictates the size, as does the budget and the location and space available. It is best to choose the largest size possible to fit the budget to prevent having to add later additions or even add additional sheds.

Styles Available

There are also many style options to select from. Most style variety is in the roof style, but windows, doors, and exterior trim as also ways to make individual style statements. Three major styles involving roof styles is the post-and-beam style, apex roofs, and pent roofs.

  • Post-and-beam roof style – This style is what is usually thought of as a barn style. The roof peaks in the center and slopes to the sides, with the sides going down the side walls.

  • Apex roof style – This is a triangular shape with a gable, much like a traditional house structure.

  • Pent roof style – This is a sloped roof that slopes from a high side to a lower side. These are usually designed to sit close to another structure.

Extra Design Features

There are a number of other design features that can be added to most any shed. These include windows, siding, doors, and hinges. A combination of both, decorative and utilitarian features are available at Ilikesheds wood en sheds.

  • Windows

There a number of window styles, such as double hung, jalousie, and single and double windows.

  • Siding

A number of siding styles include tongue-and-grove, lapped, and other decorative styles.

  • Decorative hinges

Hinges are generally utilitarian, but large decorative metal ones can be chosen as a design element.

  • Double and single doors

The choice of double or single doors involves in part the usage, but also are a design element.

Autho Bio

Benny Coulen has researched many garden sheds of all styles, sizes, and brands. As her opinion, the absolute best selection of sheds is available at Ilikesheds wooden sheds. They come in all sizes, brands, and styles to suit anyone’s preference. Read what she has to say about them.

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