Check Out The Basics Of Carpet Cleaning At Home

There is a specific sequence, which you have to follow in order to get the maximum results from your carpet cleaning efforts at home. Check out this list with basic examples and activities for the next big house cleaning.

1 – Inspect all the carpets and rugs for their condition of staining. If they`re heavily soiled because you clean them only occasionally, then they will probably need deep or professional cleaning. The small area rugs with only some light spots may require a completely different treatment. That`s why spend a dozen minutes to check out the condition of all the rugs and carpets at home.

2 – Get rid of the loose particles that are trickier for vacuuming. You will need just a simple brush or a stiff brush with long fibers. Even slightly beating the small area rugs through the windows should be enough. The key is to force the tiny little pieces of food crumbs, grit, dirt, sand, hair and dust to get out from the bases of the fibers, and thus make them easier for removal. The carpets with short fibers may not require such adventure, but it is highly recommended for carpets with long fibers. Brush out the hair if needed or use a tape with tapping motions.

3 – Pre-vacuuming is essential to get rid of the rest of the loose particles. The result from the vacuuming machine is much better if you don`t miss the previous step. Another great tip to enhance the results after this step is to change the bag of the vacuuming machine, which one will enhance the vacuuming power and two – it will reduce the spreading of dirt and dust from the machine itself. As soon as you complete this basic step, you could easily see the hardest stains and dirt, which will require deep cleaning.

4 – Decide whether you should call the professional cleaners or you will deal with the heavily soiled stains by yourself. A professional carpet clean once a year is highly recommended, especially if you have natural carpets, carpets with natural colors, hand-knotted or Oriental rugs. There is nothing to compare with the professional machines and detergents, because they offer the quickest surface coverage. Yet that`s only a hint of all the advantages of the professional systems. The expert cleaners can choose the most appropriate method and machine for carpet cleaning. This will not only save you plenty of time and efforts, but will also sanitize, deodorize and ensure the safety of the delicate carpet fibers.

5 – Spot clean only the small area rugs and carpets by yourself. You can do it with both commercial detergents and by making your own homemade detergents. This is a basic method for maintaining the good and clean condition of your carpets, as you use natural products that you already have in the kitchen. From baking soda and white vinegar, to dish detergent, shampoo, alcohol, and lemon juice – there are plenty of ingredients from which you can obtain the perfect homemade detergent. The tools that you may need are also simple – a grooming brush or an old toothbrush, a spatula or a piece of plastic, paper towels, cotton towels, bowls and perhaps wet wipes. Keep in mind that always before using a homemade detergent, you should test the detergent onto a small corner of the rug, for instance – a hidden corner under a cupboard. Apply the detergent and leave it to soak up deep into the base of the carpet. Dissolve the stain by rubbing and dabbing, wipe it off with the spatula and blot with just clean water. Make sure that the detergent leaves completely clean surfaces without any risk of damaging the fibers, and then continue with all the spots on the carpets.

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