Can We Talk? – Criminal Justice System

Can We Talk - Criminal Justice System

Sometimes I just want someone to talk to. It is not necessarily because I just want to socialize, or be friendly, actually I want to vent. I am an American, born in the 40’s, and as I see it, this is not the same country I was born into. Can I say that without making some people angry? Probably not.There are some things that I just want to voice my opinion on and I am going to do it right here. I hope you enjoy this, and have an opinion also. This will be one of a series of articles called “Can We Talk?” It is not a series of complaints, though I will complain. It is not just a list of topics where I see major problems, though I do see major problems in these topics. I am an American and I have the freedom to complain and call a spade a spade, however, I am just expressing my opinion. I want others to do the same. This is not a series where I plan to be politically correct, I would rather be right.

Can We Talk - Criminal Justice System


It is a good thing that criminals can be arrested and put in a place where they cannot commit crimes. It is good that we have a court system that can protect the innocent, and convict the guilty. America has the right idea, and for most of her 200+ years, she has usually done it right. However, this seems to be a new America. In Dallas alone there have been 20 innocent members of society who were convicted for crimes they did not commit. These people spent many years in prison before they were declared innocent because of DNA information. What went wrong in those cases? Why were these people in prison for more than 10 years for someone else’s crimes? It is because the Criminal Justice System is not doing their job. In every case there was someone who really was not concerned about justice at all. They wanted to “win their case,” or they created a false impression that the person was guilty, or they were prejudice and they plain old lied. This does not mean that all members of the Criminal Justice System are slack on their jobs, it just means that those who are getting by with it.

Young people are out there being immature and stacking up traffic tickets that turn into warrants. They never think it is all that bad of a thing to do. Then they get arrested for a warrant, do some time, get out of jail, and in a month or two they get arrested on another of their warrants, go to jail and get out. This is like a revolving door, you know, the one that everyone is complaining about. Why not just make these kids sit out all the warrants at once, give them community service, and make them be responsible for their behavior. The so called criminal justice system would rather harass them and make life tough for them. I see this everyday. These kids lose their job, and when they get out of jail they get another one only to lose it too. That is nothing but injustice.

There is a better way. The same thing happens with misdemeanor cases and felony cases. They will allow a person to spend years in prison and when they get out they prosecute the next case. They need to take care of all the cases as soon as possible, even while they are incarcerated. The problem is that the courts like to give the “scum of the earth” a hard time. This is just wrong and needs to be corrected. I worked in the Criminal Justice System for 21 years, and I saw many things that I thought were wrong. I also addressed those things, usually formally, with no results at all. I saw Attorneys tell lies in court, and Judges overlook them. I saw opinions and prejudice put people in prison. I chose for those 21 years to swim up-stream, fighting the current of injustice all the way. I was not politically correct, but I knew how to make my thoughts known in such a way that I would not get into trouble. Of course, I was on a few black lists. Being politically correct was not one of my traits.

I was told to lie to the clients to get them to agree to terms, I said no. I was advised to overlook certain behaviors of staff, but I said no. In the long run, it was a very hard 21 years, but as I look back I can see that there were some men and women who saw what I was doing and chose also to stand upon higher moral and ethical standards. I can see that for some I made a positive impact. Now that I am retired, I can still see the “Criminal Injustice System” in action, unconcerned about justice and the rights of the American people. The police lie to trick the public. Entrapment is everywhere, and often brings innocent men and women into the system, ruining their reputations and wrecking their lives. This is not the same America I was born into, and that my Dad fought for in W. W. II. Can we ever get back to truth and justice? I think we can, but it will take some mighty brave and bold men and women who are willing to hold up a higher moral and ethical standard, demanding that it be followed in the midst of strong protest. It will take honest Americans losing their jobs, and more, in order to promote right and truth. Where are the Americans who have the guts to stand? All it takes is being brave enough to do the right thing in the midst of people who don’t want you to do so. All you have to do is say no to anything that would lower your standards. The only thing that Americans have to do to raise the standard in this country is to walk in the standards they want America to have. We can be forced to sacrifice in order to make a positive impact, as did America’s Founding Fathers. People have died for what is right. I will if that is needed. I plan to write a series of opinions, like this one. I just want to vent. Some people will call me a fool, but I will be a relaxed fool after I do all the venting. Other topics I will write on are: MY SOCIAL SECURITY, ELECTRIC BILLS, GREED IN CORPORATE AMERICA, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, JURY DUTY, and much more. I may be right, I may be wrong, but I know for fact I am opinioned like everyone else.

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