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Electrical Muscle Stimulation or the Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation is in raising demands in the 21st Century. It is the elicitation of contraction of muscle with the help of electric impulses. The only reason for the increase in demand can be the utilization for healthy subjects and athletes as a strength training tool. Apart from it, it is a great matter of deal for immobilized patients as it can be used as rehabilitation.

How does the Electrical Muscle Stimulator Work?

The device generates impulses which are delivered near the muscles through the skin. Electrodes are being used to transfer the impulses. These electrodes are attached to the skin of the individual. The muscles start to contract as the impulse deals with the action potential transmitted by the central nervous system. That’s how the EMS works and stimulates muscles to its best. In case, you are looking to buy Electrical Muscle Stimulator online, you are at the right place. Medical Bazzar can help you to find the best of the machine over here. Just set your budget and get the best machine for you. Usually, EMS is being used by immobilised persons and athletes.

Uses of Electrical Muscle Stimulator

There are several places where this EMS can be used. However, we have mentioned only the most valuable of its uses.

  1. Physiotherapy – The Electrical Muscle Stimulator is used for rehabilitation when it comes to medical field. This machine is being used in order to prevent the disuse muscle atrophy which occurs after damages to joints, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. Make sure you the distinction between Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and EMS as in TENS electric current is used to for pain therapy. Whereas, EMS focus certain particular muscles are focused to keep it intact.
  2. For Losing Weight – Before we begin with the second use, you must know that the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate the entire EMS. Earlier, few years back, EMS was claimed to have positive results on weight reduction. Electrical Muscle Stimulator is use to burn calories. However, the calories can be burned only when the whole body is indulged in physical exercise. Several muscles, respiratory system and the heart all should be engaged at once. Studies have said that people going for EMS usually go for sporting activities because the body becomes really fit and is full of energetic behaviour.

Some of the other uses that you must know about the EMS are listed below:

  • For relaxation of the muscle spasms.
  • To make a reasonable increase in local blood circulation.
  • The range of motion can be effectively increased using the Electrical Muscle Stimulator.
  • Preventing Disuse atrophy. In some cases. The EMS only manages to retard the disuse atrophy. In such cases, other treatments are also conducted along with EMS therapy.

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