Breast Implants and Pregnancy: How Do They Work Together?

Breast Implants and Pregnancy: How Do They Work Together?

If you are thinking of getting breast implants, but you also want to have a child, it is best to consider the effects that your breast implants can have on your child. It is in you and your child’s best interest to get the breast implants after your child is born and after you complete nursing.

The reason for this is because you will not have to worry about any further surgery after your pregnancy to make your breasts return to their original state. During pregnancy your breasts will become more full and prominent, so it is best to wait until after breast feeding when your breasts go back to their original state to start the surgery.

Will My Implants Have Any Effect On My Baby?

There have been numerous studies, including the effects of both saline and silicone breast implants, and there have not been any known health risks to the developing baby. If you have breast implants and are thinking of getting pregnant, it would be best to remove your implants to avoid any later health problems with your baby just in case an implant gets damaged or worn out.

Breast Implants and Pregnancy: How Do They Work Together?

If you have had your implants in for anywhere from eight to twenty years, you may also think about getting them removed since the lifespan of a breast implant is usually between ten and twenty five years. Some women engage in activities that can decrease the lifespan, so that is why it is safer to get them checked on if you want to go through pregnancy without getting them removed. You could always get them again after pregnancy and nursing is over.

Pregnancy and Breast Implant Appearance

During pregnancy and the breastfeeding stage, many women’s breasts change in appearance. If you have implants throughout your pregnancy, a significant amount of sagging will occur in your breast area. This will be more noticeable depending on how large your implants are, but normally the bigger your implants, the more sagging will be visible. If you have implants that are positioned a little low, sagging will definitely be emphasized.

Although it is always a better option to remove your implants and replace them after your body goes back to normal to avoid sagging and excess stretch marks, you can also undergo implant revision surgery or a breast lift after you have finished breastfeeding if you are unhappy with the appearance. This will be a little more expensive than it would be to just wait and replace your implants after nursing.

Consulting Your Surgeon

If you are unsure what option you should choose, you can always contact your surgeon and ask what your best option should be. You should be sure that your surgeon has your best interest at heart and is reliable and trustworthy. Your surgeon should have more information on the effects that would happen to your body by removing your implants post-pregnancy versus leaving them in throughout the pregnancy and correcting the sagginess with a breast lift.