Botox: It Isn’t Just For Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Botox: It Isn’t Just For Wrinkles and Fine Lines

When you hear the word Botox, what is the first thing you think of? For most people, they assume it is a type of cosmetic treatment to combat fine lines and wrinkles. However, that isn’t all this injection can be used for. It has also been approved for use in combatting a whole host of other medical problems. From neurological conditions to eye disorders and more, this is one of the best injections around for helping you take control of your health and appearance.

Botox has also been used to treat headaches, nerve pain, overactive bladder and possibly even osteoarthritis and severe pain in the knee. Until you have the chance to speak with a licensed professional, you won’t know if this treatment is going to work for you or not.

Understanding How Botox Actually Works

Botox injections are put into your knee joint to help alleviate any pain and inflammation. The same type of bacteria known to cause botulism can end up paralyzing the muscles surrounding the site where you had the injection done. However, it won’t have any effects on the surrounding muscles. These muscles will continue to maintain their strength and function. The botulinum toxin will end up binding to your nerve endings in the muscles, thus blocking any release of acetylcholine. This chemical is the one responsible for causing the muscles to contract.

Botox: It Isn’t Just For Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Types of Situations Where Botox Can be Used

For those who are suffering with osteoarthritis in the knee, an injection of Botox can help to target all of the nerves in the joint causing pain. Botox injections can also help to reduce any inflammation in the muscles that surround your knee. Even though the results of Botox treatments with iFill Tower are going to vary from one individual to another, they seem to be quite effective at reversing all of the pain and inflammation in the area.

How Are The Injections Done?

A special type of ultrasound device is used to help guide a tiny needle containing Botox into the joint that has arthritis in it. The Botox is inserted into the cavity containing synovial fluid to help deliver relief from pain and inflammation. Since the toxin doesn’t require an anesthetic, you might feel a tiny bit of discomfort when the Botox is actually put into the joint cavity.

While the treatment is only going to take a couple of minutes, it can improve your life for years to come. Just because you might have arthritis and pain in your knee, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer for the rest of your life. Since the cost of the injections can vary from one provider to the next, you need to discuss all of your options with a healthcare provider by you.

Don’t spend the rest of your life dealing with pain and inflammation from arthritis. Discuss all of the different options available to you to help you overcome your pain and inflammation with a licensed healthcare provider today.

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