BMX Bike Games That You Should Try

BMX Bike tricks are extreme and most of them are dangerous. There is always a risk of breaking your bones if you try to do the different tricks and stunts that the experts do. For them to be able to do this, they need to practice a lot. Practice will help them to perfect their tricks. Most of the time, they start with the easiest trick and work their way up to the difficult tricks. You can do this too, but you have to be prepared to go through a lot of pain and maybe even break some of your bones.
If you are not comfortable with the thought of breaking your bones just to do a bike trick, then you should not do it. You can just use the computer to play games that will make you feel like you’re a BMX pro. Our computers are not only made to help us in our work. It is also made to entertain us. One of the things that they made to help us be entertained is the games. There are lots of different games that you could play and one of the most loved games is the one about extreme sports, like BMX bikes. You can find lots of different games fall in this genre. Here is a list of some of the games for this genre.

1. Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2
This game was released on Game Boy, Dreamcast and Playstation. Sports fans are sure to love this game where they could do different tricks using their BMX bikes. This is one of the BMX bike gameswherein the player who has the most points will win. Different points are given with each trick that you do. There are also multi-player options so that you could play with your friends and siblings and try to get the highest score.
2. MTV Sports T.J. Lavin’s Ultimate BMX
This games was first released on the Sony Playstation last 2001. The character is based on a true person who is a gold medallist. MTV sports have released a lot of different sports games and this is one of them. This game did not go very well because of the many flaws during the game. The gamers had a problem with the controls because it is hard to control the character. Simple tasks are very hard to do and most of them just give up on it. Gamers also did not appreciate the graphics when the game is in play.
3. Downhill Domination
This game was released last 2004 in the Playstation format. It is a game that shows you downhill riding. While the other games are based on the score you get while doing different tricks, this game is not based on the points you make. It is a racing game that will test your skills in riding a bike down the hill. It is a fun game where you can control a player and race downhill while you punch your opponents or use different weapons to get in front of them. There are also different environmental components that will make you feel that you are really racing downhill. There may be different animals and vehicles that will surely entertain you as you race to the finish line.
This game was made for Plastation 2, GameCube and Xbox and it was released last 2002. The game gathered different opinions because it contains nudity, adult content and even video clips from strippers. Some countries denied the release of this game to the public because of the content of the game. There are those people who loved the game but there are also others who did not like the game very well. Some of their comments include blurry images and lack of detail.
5. Tony Hawks American Wasteland
Among all the 5 games, this is the newest one and it was released last 2005. Tony Hawks was known for extreme skateboarding and this game is the BMX version of what he does using the skateboard. Of all the 5 games, this also has the best graphics although some people do not like the controls of this game. They say that it could be quite tricky to perform the different stunts.
These are only some of the BMX games that are available in the market. There are also other games that could be played online. The online games are usually the flash games that can be easily played. They may not be as complicated as the other 5 games but they are still as entertaining. Some of them are very addicting and you wouldn’t notice that a lot of time has already passed by. Some people just can’t get enough of the game that they also share it with their friends and family.

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