Best Place To Get Heated Wiper Blade

Best Place To Get Heated Wiper Blade

The heated wiper blade is one of a range of accessories which can be generally useful on your vehicle.  In fact, once you have had this accessory you will probably wonder how you ever managed without it!  You will find that most of the time a heated wiper blade works in the same way as a standard one.  In fact, it will often perform better than a standard blade as the heated wiper blade is softer and will stick to the lines of the screen better.

There are actually two, types of heated wiper blade.  Perhaps the most effective is the one which can be purchased from Crystal Clear Blades.  This blade has sensors to detect the external temperature.  When it detects that there is ice present the actual blade will be heated from inside.  It takes just a few moments to reach the right temperature.  No ice will be able to form on the blade.  As it slowly moves across the screen it will melt any ice it comes into contact with.  Within a few moments your screen will be ice free and you can drive wherever you want!

The alternative option is a system which squirts water onto the windscreen.  The blades used are standard ones without any heating element.  You simply squirt hot water on when the screen is iced and let the wipers spread the water; the ice on the screen will melt.  This approach generally takes slightly longer than the heated wiper blade.  It is also worth noting that this technique can still wear your blades out fairly quickly.  It is worth keeping a spare pair of gloves handy.


The best place to go if you are looking to buy either of these types of blades is to your local accessory shop.  They will either stock them or be able to advise you the best place to get them.  More importantly, you will be able to arrange for them to fit the heated wiper blades.  Most shops will do it while you wait; the entire process does not take long; even for the heated wiper blade which needs to be wired into your electrics.


An alternative is to find the store online and order the heated wiper blade you would like.  The downside of this is that you will not be able to inspect it before your purchase it.  Alongside this you will need to locate someone locally who can fit the heated wiper blade for you.  Alternatively you can fit it yourself; although it may not be as simple as it looks!


It is also possible to purchase a heated wiper blade by calling the store or head office.  You may end up with the same fitting issue or the head office may dispatch it to your local store to enable them to fit it to your vehicle.  It is worth noting that if you fit the heated wiper blade yourself the guarantee is unlikely to be valid.

Whichever option you choose, once you have the heated wiper blade fitted you will be glad you chose it!

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