Best Internet Speed Testing Tools and Their Features

Best Internet Speed Testing Tools and Their Features

If you are not happy with your current internet connection or it has ticked off for a long time, then it is the best time to test the speed of your internet connection and know is your Internet service provider cheating on you or the speed of the internet has gone down due to some other reason.

If you are unsure about how to find the most trusted and reliable internet service provider for an internet connection, then, try the below-mentioned methods to check the speed of your internet connection.

Browser-Based Speed Tests Which Help Determine the Download and Upload Speed

The internet service providers make a lot of claims about download and upload speeds but are those numbers in compliance with the speed we actually get after subscribing for the internet connection that will be clear only when we will start uploading and downloading internet files.

There are certain browser-based speed test which help us determine the download and upload speed. In addition, they also help us identify other issues with our internet connection, if any. These browser-based internet speed tests help us identify issues like packet loss, connection problem and latency issues.

Use one of the below-given internet speed tests on the basis of data and interface you are looking for


SPEED OF.ME is a very lightweight tool designed to replicate downloading and browsing conditions by recording internet speed at which large size files are downloaded. It is an HTML5 based online tool which displays a graph of speeds in real time. It tracks results from 88 available servers and files are uploaded or downloaded in a sequence to imitate real internet browsing conditions.


TESTMY.NET Internet speed checking tool is for internet users who are looking for a test that is able to deliver more data than the average internet speed. It carries out a series of tests and provides user with useful comparison data. The advantage is that you have separate options for upload and download tests. So you should try them both. Once it will complete an internet speed test, you can then compare the results with the services provided by the other ISPs, you will get an idea where your internet connection stands.

Speedtest Net

This internet test speed diagnostic tool is better than many other tools in the market. It is the most full- featured tool for the internet It picks five nearby servers out of a list of 1000 available servers. After running a full test, it displays both download and upload speed of the large size files.


The above listed tools have converted internet speed testing into a very straightforward exercise. You don’t need to download a software and consume storage space of your device. And the good thing is that, you will get the most accurate reading of your internet connection.  

But they aren’t your only options to test the speed of an internet connection. Well your ISP can also provide you access to a speed test tool but you need to do a little poking around it. Router manufacturers are these days increasingly including speed tests in their products.

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