Balancing Your Garden Security And Aesthetics

Your garden may be your refuge, or your party space. It may be a fine example of great architecture and hardscaping, or a retreat with specimen plants tucked away in pretty pathways, awaiting discovery. But regardless of the reason for your garden, you’ll want it to be secure and safe. Here are some suggestions on how to balance your garden’s security and aesthetics.


Fencing is the garden’s first line of defense against prying eyes, roaming pets, and unwanted human visitors. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a privacy fence has to be utilitarian. An 8 to 10 foot privacy fence can be an architectural beauty, adding atmosphere and style to your garden.
The textures, shapes, building materials, and colors of security fences are as varied as the tastes of property owners. Contemporary styled fences, with straight, flat tops and square columns with bronze caps. Or, a security fence may reflect Victorian styling. Just because the fence keeps intruders from your garden doesn’t mean that your perimeter needs to look like a fort.


A security gate is a must. This, too, can be a stylish addition to your garden. A security gate will be set well in the ground so that it won’t come loose. The gate will be well supported on its hinges and should swing easily. It should also latch and lock. You would be surprised at how many people don’t lock their garden gate, and then are shocked when someone breaks into their garden or home! A lock on a security gate can often be keyed to your home keys, so that the same key will unlock each door and gate.
Keep in mind, too, that while the gate may help to keep people out of your garden, it can also discourage anyone from trying to rob you if they can’t get OUT of your garden! Even if someone climbs over the fence and breaks into your house, they can’t very well escape with your belongings if your gate is locked so that they can’t get out with your belongings.


Don’t discount the benefit of security cameras. Security cameras are a great deterrence, and can provide valuable proof if someone does get into your garden. Sometimes, the very knowledge that cameras are hidden on your property is all that is necessary to discourage prowlers.


Security and accent lighting is far more helpful in discouraging prowlers than it gets credit for. Accent lighting will not only make walkways and seating easier to see in the dark, it can set the atmosphere you are looking for, and provide light to dissuade prowlers from coming into your garden.
However, you can go even further with lighting, with security lights that are motion activated. These don’t have to be blinding spotlights that awaken everyone in the house every time a cat walks by, but can be subtle, with adjusted sensitivity so that only objects of a certain size turns the light on.

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