BA Sociology: A Course With Opportunity To Resolve Social Problems

The study of Sociology is associated with the social relationships of humans. Subjects learned during the course are diverse and related to social matters. It includes crime, religion, family, and state-related affairs. This gives an understanding of the function of society and the influence of the social intuitions on the lives of people. Sociology is something that talks about the effects of gender, class, age, ethnicity on power, and prestige. Top BA Sociology colleges in Uttarakhand are known for delivering the best education facilities, it can be ideal to go for the one.

Suitable candidates for the course:

Candidates should have minimum 10+2 degree to pursue a bachelor degree in Sociology. It is mandatory for the individual to be from the art stream. Those who already have completed their bachelor degree can further go for the master’s level education.

Advantage of learning Sociology:

The most important motive of sociology is to understand the methods of creating groups, institutions, and managing social relationships. People of other countries are more aware than India in the sociology domain. But, as everything is advancing, Indian institutes have started providing an educational program like Sociology. There are important on-field projects to work on with field-trips. It is a field where an individual can expect better growth. Some of the top BA Hindi college in Uttarakhand are even providing students with Sociology courses, one can consider enrolling for them.

Opportunities for the Sociology degree holder:

There are endless career opportunities available for the sociology degree holder. An individual can expect to be appointed in the law, research, public, and welfare organizations. They can work in both the public and private sectors. Students holding an undergraduate degree in sociology can be designated on reputed positions. BA political science college in Dehradun are also facilitating the students with sociology courses, a person can enroll for such a course. Have a look at certain job options available for individuals-


Sociologists role is to do the detailed study of the human behavior and organization related to the political and economic forces. They resolve social problems and make public policy.

Advice worker

Working as an “Advice Worker”, a person would be responsible to provide honest and confidential suggestions to the clients related to many problems related to the debt, housing, employment, etc. These professionals can provide advice to clients in several ways. Face-to-face, telephone, email, and web-chat are some of the effective methods used for giving suggestions.

Policy Officer

The roles and responsibility of a “Policy Officer” include doing research and giving suggestions on multiple issues and carrying out the developmental work.


The Sociology course is available with multiple possibilities. It allows you to give a great contribution to society. On the other hand, you get a reputation among people.

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The Rajiv Dutt is an academic expert helping people in selecting a better career option. Through this write-up, he wants to share some useful idea to the individual who are looking for better opportunities in the Sociology domain.

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