Avoid These Mistakes When Purchasing A Recreational Vehicle

Avoid These Mistakes When Purchasing A Recreational Vehicle

 If you are thinking about buying an RV, it is not a decision to be made quickly; it is an expensive purchase, and you want to give it careful thought. Here are some of the common mistakes of first-timers.

Not Carefully Considering Your Needs and Buying the Wrong RV

When it comes to recreational vehicles, you have several options available to you. One of the most common mistakes people make is not considering their needs in depth enough, and buying the wrong type of vehicle. You need to carefully consider your budget, lifestyle, preferences for travel and the like.

If you really like the idea of relaxing while on the road to wherever your next stop is, or you are planning on doing the RV thing as a full-time lifestyle, a motor home is usually the best choice. Full-timers also want to give more thought to a greater range of amenities, and matters such as slide out rooms and extra storage space.

If you already own an SUV or truck, you might want to take a closer look at travel trailers or a fifth wheel that you can simply hitch up to your vehicle. You can easily leave the RV at the camp site, and go off and explore the area in your regular car. If you do go this route, make sure you know how much weight your vehicle can pull, and if you need to make any modifications to it. The mere presence of a receive hitch does not automatically mean the vehicle can pull a whole trailer.

Purchasing in Haste

The idea of purchasing an RV is exciting, and when we are excited about making a purchase, we have a tendency to want to rush right in, and acquire our goodies as soon as possible. But, when it comes to this type of acquisition, you want to take your time. For many people, this is the next biggest purchase you will make after a home, and you want to choose wisely.

Now that you have given some thought to your needs and wants, you are ready to really start digging into your research. Do as much as you can. Read up on all the different types of vehicles. Read reviews, and go on forums of RV owners to ask questions and get their input. Carefully consider whether you want to buy a new RV or a used one.

A common problem faced by first-time buyers is heading to an RV show with little to no idea about wants, needs, options and the like, getting caught up in the excitement, and falling prey to slick and aggressive salesmen.

If you have only spent limited amounts of time in an RV, it would behove you to take a good test run to ensure this is something you enjoy enough to invest in such a large purchase. This is especially important if you are thinking about diving into the full-time lifestyle. If you are part of a couple, you want to make sure you share equal enthusiasm for this type of experience, again, especially if you are considering full-time.

Not Properly Inspecting a Used RV

For some people, buying used makes good sense, and there are many great deals to be had. You will find many people selling RVs in great condition for a variety of reasons, from determining  the whole thing really isn’t for them, to no longer traveling as much due to personal circumstances, such as an illness. But, no matter how great a vehicle may look, or how honest the people seem, you must always properly inspect the vehicle. Someone seeming nice and honest doesn’t mean they took good care of the vehicle, or that they are aware of any problems it may have; things appearing good overall doesn’t mean there aren’t problems lurking underneath.

Check every nook and cranny for leaks. Inspect the underside for rust. Have the owner or dealer show you all the appliances and systems are working. Check the whole vehicle for delamination. Inquire about any repairs that may have been made, and check for any signs of damage or previous repair, and make sure you feel good about any explanation given. If you don’t exactly feel qualified to properly evaluate the vehicle on your own, paying for the services of a professional RV inspector is a very good investment.

If you can keep these three tips in mind during your search, you are well on your way to a smart purchasing decision.