An Introduction To House Inspection

An Introduction To House Inspection

With the good quality control inspections, factory and supplier audits and lab testing services your defect rates can be minimized easily and at the same time these services can maximize your product quality. These inspection services are uniquely positioned to provide all your inspection needs.

Before going to choose a good inspection services you have to keep in mind that it should be experienced. And at the same time it should be trust worthy. Most of the leading inspection services have up to a longer work hour for around 12 hours. Don’t go for any shorter work time services and pay more money. Experienced leading inspection services will have importers from over 60 countries worldwide.

An Introduction To House Inspection

They are providing three different services which are,

  1. Product and shipment inspections
  2. Factory and supplier audits
  3. Laboratory testing.

Product and shipment inspection check for quality and quantity issues after the completion of 80 % of the product. This inspection will happen either at the factor or at the reseller’s warehouse. It will also inspect for defects in the products. Manufacturing process supervision will also happen in this stage. This is to assure that the specified processes are followed, thereby avoiding unwanted expense and time. Defective products are pulled out from the shipment and then the quality products are shipped.

In the section of factory and supplier audits it covers factory ownership and management, factory size, production capabilities, legal status, machinery, materials, packing, quality control, test equipment, certifications, as well as basic social compliance factors. Use this service if you would like a truly comprehensive, in-depth appraisal of a prospective supplier to better determine their suitability as a trading partner. Complete Social Audits use globally recognized standards to confirm safe working conditions, working hours and wages, rest and vacation time, underage labor, forced/prison labor, disciplinary practices, discrimination, etc. The Anti-Terrorism Audit uses C-TPAT guidelines to ensure your supplier is fully compliant. C-TPAT is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and focused on supply chain security. Use this service for C-TPAT compliance. C-TPAT compliance may allow you to avoid U.S. Customs screening and clearance delays.

Complete Reseller Audits cover company size, ownership, management, legal status, and bank account confirmation for non-manufacturing entities such as agents, distributors, trading companies.

Laboratory testing will include the following tests,

2. Electric Component Testing
3. EMF Testing
4. Functional Testing
5. Voltage Analysis
6. Hertz Analysis
7. UL/CE Compliance

Toxic element testing, physical choking hazard, micro biological analysis, Physical and chemical testing, Heavy metals, viscosity, acid and alkaline testing will be done in the section.

The hard and soft products which are eligible to go for inspection services are apparel, garments, textiles, gifts and crafts, bedding and linens, computers, plush toys, furniture, telecom, sporting goods, home appliances and home electronics. The other items are promotional products, glass, resin, house wares, pet supplies, power tools, spas, saunas, stationery and books. Non consumer product list will have Tractors, earth movers, construction materials, machinery,and equipments.

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