American Summer Festivals You Have To See!

Summer is a time for travel, road trips, and festivals. Whether you love music and a big outdoor concert, a large Renaissance fair, or something uniquely localized and built to the area culture, there are many summer festivals out there just waiting for you to visit. If you are going to take advantage of a good deal on a motorhome rental and set off for a memorable road trip to a nearby (or far away) festival, then make sure to add some of these summer festivals to your list of must-see events and you will have a summer trip that really sticks out even compared to your other favorite travel memories.

American Summer Festivals You Have To See!

Artscape in Baltimore, Maryland

There are many summer art festivals, but this often overlooked Baltimore art festival is truly a unique experience. Put on by the Baltimore Festival of the Arts, there are several days of non-stop dedication to art in all its forms. This is actually the largest free arts festival in the country, making it very budget friendly, and in addition to having non-stop music from a great blend of musicians (national, regional, and even local talents play here) from multiple outdoor music stages, this festival has street theater performances, outdoor art cars, dance performances, opera, concerts, and even the Baltimore symphony.

There are plenty of outdoor and indoor exhibits including many with activities to encourage children, making this a festival a good option for everyone.

4th of July in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

No one should be surprised that historic Philadelphia would have some incredible 4th of July celebrations considering the city’s incredible history in regards to the nation and the original movement for independence from Britain. If you’re looking for a great celebration and stunning fireworks, go the nation’s original capital and enjoy how “The City of Brotherly Love” embraces their Independence Day celebrations to keep alive the living history of the city.

If you can’t quite make it in the beginning of July, the good news is that for muscle car fans late July in Philadelphia also offers the famous car show and street festival, which is an event that no classic muscle car lover should ever miss!

Baseball & Hot Dogs in Kansas City, Kansas

August is a special time for festivals in Kansas City, especially if you’re a baseball fan. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is not only a remarkable place to visit both for sport fans as well as for history but it’s also the home for the “Heart of America Hot Dog Festival.” Many sports fans say there’s no better hot dog than the one you get at a ball park, and this festival lets you decide for yourself.

Aside from exposing you to the incredible displays and history of the museum itself, this festival features various hot dogs from every major league ballpark and lets you see if Chicago dogs are really the best or if the Dodgers out of LA or stadiums from Florida have anything to say about that. It’s just not baseball without a delicious hot dog and combining the best each park has to offer with the history of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum makes this a must for any baseball fan or hot dog foodie.


Hey, the classics are classic for a reason, and if you’re limited to just one major music festival, then Lollapalooza is going to be the one that you want to experience at least once. Seen as the biggest of the music festivals and certainly one of the most recognizable, this music festival focuses heavily each year on heavy metal, alternative rock, punk rock, hip hop, and EDM. If you’re into any of these, you’ll want to see the festival and there are plenty of craft booths, dance performances, and even comedy acts in between to offer plenty of options and the full festival feel.

There are many U.S. summer festivals you shouldn’t miss but this list gives you a wide variety of niche choices