Amazing Reason To Embed Google Reviews Widget on Wix

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Offering a value is not enough. To survive in the industry, you must market your business in the trustable way possible. More importantly, you need to simplify your money-making process. 

Talking about the ease of doing business, there is no denying that Google reviews are a decisive factor when purchasing, and customers cannot afford to lose them. And, Wix being the easiest website-building platform, becomes the first choice of any business owner. 

But how to get the best of both worlds? 

The answer is simple, embed Google Reviews on the Wix website. 

But apart from ease of doing business, what else can these two platforms bring to the table? 

Let us answer. 

In this blog, we will walk you through some great reasons to embed the Google Review widget on Wix website. Let’s see what we have in store without any further ado. 

Solid Reasons To Embed Google Reviews On Wix Website

As a business owner, you have more things to do than ask your visitors to trust you. In such a situation, a Google review widget is perfect for you. Here are some of the benefits you should be aware of and take advantage of from time to time. 

Helps You Build Credibility and Trust 

At the time your potential customers are there on the website, they need a trusting factor about your business to stick by and come forward to purchase. And remember that people trust people. They want proof from people who are like them, common and trustable. 

The fact is that people are not interested in buying a product with vivid pictures. They want real proof. You can present them with a Google review widget in such a situation. Since Google reviews are the purest form of social proof, they will help potential customers trust your business and make purchases. Remember that, a Google review widget is the 24X7 brand ambassador for your business. It will even work on the days when you have no campaigns running around. 

Gets You More Reviews 

Generating more reviews as a business owner can be a challenge. At the same time, it is a necessity for your business too. 

A Google review widget, at first, promotes the bandwagon effect. A bandwagon effect means when you showcase Google reviews on your Wix website, other customers would also like to enjoy the limelight of a brand’s website. And they may also leave a review for your business on Google. 

Besides, it will make the customers feel heard and valued by the brands. As nobody want to be associated with the brand who turn their ears deaf when their customers have an opinion. Note that, customer pleasing is one thing and being customer’s best friend is another. You can immediately become their favourite with customer-friendly methods like Google review widget. 

Increases The Conversion Rate

Customers form an opinion about your product way before they buy from you. And an essential factor affecting this opinion is the product reviews they read online. And if you are still hung up on the idea that Google reviews don’t matter, let us outline this with statistics. MarketingProfs has revealed that, according to MarketingProfs, 85% of customers proceed to buy only after reading online reviews. 

So, when you showcase a set of positive reviews they are looking for, it cuts down their time taken for the research part and boosts your conversion rate. Remember that, if you do not take this initiative, your competitor might steal the show. Moreover, through the Google review widget, your potential customers can find keywords that resonate with their pain points. 

Engages Your Website Visitors 

People rarely engage with brands that have no engaging element on their website. Since a website typically symbolizes the business, people rarely purchase products from or interact with brands on dull and uninteresting websites. Giving your guests a better browsing experience and a vibrant, colorful website becomes essential for you.

The Google Review Widget, which displays all reviews as a feed on your website, offers a solution to this issue. A customer may learn all there is to know about the product from your website. In the same way that the widget offers customer reviews, your website provides product information. A customer does not have to dismiss the window to read the reviews the widget provides to the visitor.

In A Nutshell 

Google reviews have the power to get you more customers with an online reputation and SEO rankings. You can depend upon Google reviews for free promotions and brand advocacy.

So when you embed Google reviews on your Wix website, you leverage these benefits right when the visitors have a purchase intent. And that eventually helps you boost the conversion rate. So don’t wait anymore; embed Google reviews on the Wix website and see your business grow.

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