Adaptive Website Design – Now What Is This?


Adaptive website designs or Responsive website designs – do you feel the difference? Both of these terms sound similar but are different. Responsive web designing is relevantly not a new terms but adaptive is. So it is vital to understand it first.

What is Adaptive Website Designing?

Like the responsive designs, adaptive is also designed to best fit for every device. Responsive designs are a little different. They go from one device to another, with some changes. Whereas the adaptive design detects the device and the device’s feature and adapts itself accordingly.

An adaptive design is not easy to detect for a user, and with no difference to the eyes makes the website more user-friendly. An adaptive website doesn’t always bring a design change, but the main thing is its functionality.

Difference Between an Adaptive and Responsive Website

The concept behind both of them is similar. But they are still not the same. Of the many, the difference between the two comes in the HTML and CSS.

In a post on The Huffington Post, Garret Goodman says, “Adaptive design is server-side, meaning before the page is even delivered, the server (where the site is hosted) detects the attributes of the device and loads a version of the site that is optimized for its dimensions and native features.”

The adaptive web design or AWD downloads a different version of information, loading the website quicker. For a single website, an adaptive design uses multiple templates. And for the responsive designs, a single template is used.

Benefits of Adaptive Websites

Performance – AWD is faster than RWD (Responsive Website Design)

Flexible – Without digging deeper and touching the entire code, the programmer can make changes as required.

Content Strategy – AWD is more focused towards the devices, so the websites can be made more functional. AWD engages both the user and the device with its unique style.


There is more to say about adaptive website designing but for now it’s enough. You might have understood the difference between the two. Now it is up to you to choose which design best suits you.

Do consult more from the web designing company, before coming to the conclusion.

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