A New Age For An Old Favourite

Breakfast is Claire's favourite meal of the day. She prepares it methodically and enjoys her bowl of cereal and fruits to the last drop of milk. April 28, 2014.

As the restaurant and food delivery market grows and expands, so do their customers’ expectations. New and profitable restaurants are on the rise, and they are putting a new spin on some traditional favourites. This is especially true for Chinese food. Many entrepreneurs are opening and investing in trendy new-age Chinese restaurants and delivery services. These business owners are doing things a bit different from what people may expect from a traditional Chinese restaurant. Here are some of the new and exciting changes being introduced to the Chinese food industry.

Change is Good

The Chinese food restaurant and delivery business has been around for a long time. It is an immensely popular food choice no matter where you live in the world. In order for your restaurant to stand apart from your competitors, it needs to offer something unique. An example of this trend is the new and exciting options for Chinese delivery in Bristol; entrepreneurs here have employed expert chefs to make their dishes with genuine Chinese ingredients at very fair prices. Not only is the food of the highest quality, but they also utilise an open kitchen so the customers eating at the restaurant can see the work involved in making their much-loved dishes. This is just one example of the rising trend of taking a slightly different, more market-friendly approach to the Chinese restaurant and delivery business.

Open to Suggestions

The age of social media and online restaurant reviews is definitely something that restaurant owners need to be aware of. One bad comment or review of your restaurant could create a chain reaction of bad press for your eatery. The way to counter negative customer issues with your restaurant is to have a dedicated staff of customer service workers helping to resolve any problems that may arise. In fact, many new Chinese restaurants are incorporating a separate call centre where issues are dealt with and customer carry-out and delivery orders are taken and paid for. Traditionally, this has all been done in the restaurant itself, having it separate can be beneficial because the workers are more focused on their specific task and not distracted by the noise and commotion of the restaurant. Orders are more accurate this way, and service has seen improvement.

Hiring From Within

Another way the Chinese restaurant industry is changing is through its hiring process. These new businesses are focused on hiring individuals who exhibit a passion for entrepreneurship. Career plans are set up with everyone from delivery drivers to store managers. Hiring employees that demonstrate an ambitious personality are allowing these businesses to promote from within. Doing this prevents high employee turnover, as workers will be motivated to learn as much as they can about their job in hopes of making it a career.

Booming Business

These changes have been very successful. Some small Chinese restaurants employing the methods laid out in this article have grown from one or two restaurants in a city to nine or more. Change is risky, but when done correctly can be very profitable.

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