A guide to boat hire on the Norfolk Broads

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday away from the stress of life, look no further than the Norfolk Broads. Hiring a boat here means you can take as long as you like between destinations and enjoy the passage of time. Relax and appreciate the wildlife and scenery in this unique environment.
Boating on the Norfolk Broads
Boating holidays are increasingly popular and the Norfolk Broads provide a place where they are at their most relaxing. The rivers and lakes of the Broadsare quite shallow and have no locks to navigate, making it an easy destination for travellers with little or no boating experience. The Norfolk countryside is very picturesque and there is always plenty to see. You will cruise among villages and towns where traditional skills such as boat building are kept alive, stopping whenever you like to explore the many attractions of the area. These include beautiful gardens, restored windmills and more than 150 medieval churches as well as fascinating market towns and riverside pubs.
Wildlife of the Norfolk Broads
Norfolk Broads boat hire is an ideal way to explore the wide variety of wildlife found here. Marsh harriers, bitterns, hares, water voles and otters can all be seen, as well as swallowtail and brimstone butterflies. There are many nature reserves easily accessible from your boat where you can find out the best places to look for the different plant life and creatures. The Broads have been described as the bird watching capital of England.
Boat hire on the Norfolk Broads
Boats can be hired for a day, a week or more. Cruisers have been popular since the 1930’s and today they offer comfortable and well equipped accommodation for your break. Whatever size your party is you will find suitable Norfolk Broads boat hire options. Today’s cruisers are very well equipped with everything you need from cookers and fridges to comfortable berths. Boat hire companies will always ensure that you are familiar with the cruiser before you set off and provide any advice or reassurance you may need. It is up to you to decide each day’s destination and where to moor up each night.
Places to visit on the Norfolk Broads
Wroxham, the capital of the Norfolk Broads, is an ideal place to stock up with provisions for your holiday. The famous supermarket, Roy’s of Wroxham, is claimed to be the largest village store in the world. Stalham is home to the Museum of the Broads, where you can find out about how the Broads were formed. It is also close to the coast where you can explore some different scenery. Ludham, with its picturesque thatched cottages and beautiful church is another interesting destination. Here you can visit Toad Hole Cottage, a tiny marsh man’s cottage which is now a museum of life in the Victorian era.
Whether it is your first time or your twenty first, hiring a boat on the Norfolk Broads will offer places to explore, wildlife to see and an unforgettable relaxing holiday.
Idania writes regularly on UK destinations for a range of travel websites and magazines. She has enjoyed Norfolk Broads boat hire holidays on numerous occasions and considers this to be among the top three UK holiday experiences.

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