A Few Interesting Places For Some Curious Souls In Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is a joyous place to visit. The city offers a huge range of attractions to different type of travellers. Delhi has much more to offer to those travellers who are constantly hunting for some real haunted places in the city. So, here is a list of some haunted places in Delhi for some curious souls. Well, the source of scariness about the places is not found, but there is something!

1.Feroz Shah Kotla Fort- In between New Delhi and Old Delhi, near Bahadur Shah Marg, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is located. Built in 1354, it is an abandoned place now. If you visit on Thursday, you will see locals offering milk and grains to the djinns ( invisible spirits mentioned in the Koran) with lit candles and incense sticks. The fort does not witness many visitors. It is believed the presence of the spirit produces a strange vibe inside the hall. The locals also believe offering food to the djinns can make one’s wish come true.

2. Agrasen Ki Baoli- it is a 60-meter long historic stepwell. It is situated on Hailey Road near Connaught Place in a posh locality. Agrasen ki Baoli is a protected monument which is situated amidst modern building area. It is known that the reservoir was built by Maharaja Agrasen, but the history of this place is in controversy. However, it is sure that it dates back to the mid of 14th century. There are 103 steps and as you move down, the intensity of the eerie vibe increases. It is a quite popular place to visit in the heart of the city.

3. Delhi Cantt.- the place is full of lush greenery and beautiful during daylight. The paranormal activities increase slowly with the night. It is said that many individuals have seen a lady in white dress many times on the Delhi Cantt. road. She asks for lift and usually hunts for the vehicles. It is one of the scary places to visit at night.

4. Khooni Nadi ( Bloody River): the river flows near Rohini. The series of suicide in this river makes it one of the haunted places of the city. The local beliefs that the river has a mysterious force that attracts the visitors to commit suicide. Well, the locals have more story to scare you and, of course, they will warn you not to go near the place.

5. Mutiny House: people have seen the severed limbs of the Britishers roam in the vicinity. Mutiny House near Kashmiri Gate is not much scary, but people are afraid to visit after dark. Mutiny House built by the Britishers to pay tribute to the officials who died during sepoy mutiny and now it is a haunted place.

So, if you are strong and a curious soul, do plan a night trip to any of these 5 above-listed places. It is recommended that you visit in a group. For more, check the best place in Delhi.

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