9 Points On How To Start Instagram

Instagram is a great success and continues to grow and inspire many social networks. It would be wrong to believe Instagram is restricted to a handful of amateur photographers who share their pictures. There behind a marketing issue should not be overlooked as a company. This photographic social network could be a very useful way to develop your communication and closeness with your customers.

9 Points On How To Start Instagram

Do not hesitate to take this opportunity to create a world around your company and engage your fans in your universe. Some sectors are more conducive to this type of network, including the sports, events, cooking or fashion. However, no sector is excluded in particular. Being on Instagram is sharing the dynamics of your business and your fans to discover another side of it.

Here are some figures that show the evolution of Instagram:

  • 40 million photos uploaded per day
  • 8,500 Likes / second
  • 1000 comments / second
  • 100 million active users

1. Set up your Account

It would be very appropriate to extend your reach on social networks by modeling your nickname on the Instagram your Twitter account.

In fact, fans will, in addition to more easily identify you on Instagram, find yourself on the other social networks where you are present. In addition, it will serve if a fan taggera or share one of your photos on Twitter via Instagram. And it will increase your reach on both platforms.

Also ask the more relevant as possible your profile (biography, etc..). Be as complete and concise as possible.

2. Define a Content Strategy

One of your first concerns will be to define a strategy for relevant content. Discuss and reflect upon the content that you want to move and could attract your fans. Be organized and do not publish abundant visuals that users might ignore. So make sure that the photos are published in connection with your business.

  • Which could bring me pictures of visitors and thus to speak positively of my brand?
  • How often should I post my photos? At what times of the day and especially how many times a day?
  • How will I do to encourage my fans to be active so as to increase my commitment rate?
  • What hashtag best correspond to my company?

3. Sure in the Competition

Do not hesitate to go for a ride on the side of the competition in order to identify the type of content that might interest your fans. Determine what are the most shared by the subscribers of your competitor or visual that has been many pictures on Twitter.

You’ll get more of your future fan base and he will propose content suited to their needs. Share content that will speak to you on the web and encourage others to follow you on your Instagram account. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the degree of commitment of their followers?
  • What kind of content sharing my competitor does it the most and what is the content shared by subscribers?

4. Select your Best Photos

The first step toward success on Instagram of course, lies in the quality of photos you post. Quality over quantity! Take great photos that are likely to get maximum likes and shares.

Users enjoy sharing beautiful visuals. So select your photos sparingly and spread them out on a day. Do not hesitate to be active on Instagram without willful and drown the user in an avalanche of photos that could flood the newsfeed. Refer to point 2 and then adjust your frequency of publication to your content strategy.

5. Illustrate your Moments of Life

Indeed, if it seems trivial to some, show his fans backstage establishes a close relationship with them. Customers love it! Take pictures of the last activity done in your institution, show that a good atmosphere in your company. We are first and foremost human and show that the atmosphere is pretty good child in your office will generate interest in your subscribers who want to know more about you.

6. Follow other Accounts

Nothing better than to give to receive in return. Like other social networks, please follow other people for new subscribers. However, guarantee that a subscriber follows you in return is much lower than on Twitter.

So follow accounts whose type matches the content of your account to increase your chances.

7. Involve your Fans

Turn your fans into advocates of your brand. To do this, understand that they are unique and encourage them to participate in the promotion of your product or service. Organize contests and offer a prize to the user who will be best able to showcase your brand. So you can see Instagram may be an interesting platform for companies wishing to affect mainly young people. Do not hesitate to make good use and involve your fans in your corporate culture.

8. Geo-locate your Video

Instagram offers geo-location functionality and deprive reveal a shortfall in terms of visibility.

Do not hesitate to geotag your images, this can somehow organize and display content. Indeed, each location has its own page with visuals that are linked. Thus, a person who publishes a photo of this site will be able to be able to view the video. Maybe yours will be among them.

9. Interact and Animate your Community

A key feature is its ease of Instagram on “Like” and “Comment”. The brands that have their interactions increase interact on their own pages. Remember that this is a social networking and interaction between you and the users is very important. Buy followers on instagram and therefore attract the attention of your fans and discuss the photos that could catch the eye of them.

Conclusion: Instagram may therefore prove to be a very interesting solution for companies wishing to develop their communication and reveal more to their fans.

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