7 Smart Storage Solutions For A Small Bathroom

7 Smart Storage Solutions For A Small Bathroom

A small bathroom can be such a nuisance. You never have the space you need and everything seems to be too stuffed around the bathroom. However, the bathroom is one of the rooms which should definitely be functional and practical. Luckily, even if you have the smallest of the bathrooms, you can still make it work for you and make it seem larger and more spacious. Here are some tips to help you achieve that. 

1. Install shelves 

The first thing that will help you make the most of your small bathroom is some strategically placed shelf. That is also pretty useful if you want to avoid making a mess in the bathroom. Clutter can become a serious issue and it’s best to prevent it than to fix it later.

The best thing about shelves is that they can be installed literally anywhere in the bathroom. As soon as you pick the perfect spot, you could start the instalment. A floating shelf is another cute idea since it further helps reduce the clutter and makes the perfect storage unit for toilet paper or cotton swabs. 

2. Get the decorative ladder

Another great storage idea is using the decorative ladder. Besides being very practical, this is also a very aesthetic choice. Not many people have decorative ladders in their bathrooms and getting some might make your bathroom pretty unique. 

This is a perfect choice for any bathroom that has no space for hanging shelves. You can simply place the ladder in a corner and see for yourself how amazing it looks. You may get the ladder with rungs where you could hang towels, washcloths, or even magazines. 

3. Use baskets 

Most people use baskets in their small bathrooms. There is a pretty good reason for this. A basket is an amazing storage unit that looks great in any bathroom. You can put the basket anywhere – under the sink, in the closet, near the toilet. 

You can get a basket of any kind to fit flawlessly into your bathroom and you can swap it whenever you feel like it. They are inexpensive but they’re still worth a lot. Cleaning is easy with them around, you just move them and you have no problem whatsoever. 

4. Get the bathroom vanity 

Home comfort is essential. Without comfort, we can never be fully content with our homes. Making every room a sanctuary of its own is a serious task, but it is doable. A bathroom vanity might be exactly what your bathroom needs to become true heaven on earth. 

This could be the best focal point of a bathroom due to its charming colours and style. Be careful when choosing the vanity for you and make sure to pick one that will suit your bathroom the most. The vanities are amazing for pieces of makeup, but they can serve for storing the bulky stuff as well.

5. Install some shower storage 

Most things you keep in the bathroom are small pieces. Even though they seem like something insignificant when it comes to creating clutter, they can actually make a lot of mess. If that’s the case with your hygiene products, make sure to store them away in the best possible way.

The best possible way is, of course, placing them all on the shower caddies. These are super easy to install and they make the perfect home for your shampoos, conditioners, masks, and body washes. You’ll have the access to these products whenever you need them and they won’t make a mess-related issue in your bathroom anymore.

6. Add an over-the-door storage mirror

Mirrors can make your bathroom more seem more spacious easily. That alone makes them a great addition to small bathrooms. However, if there is a storage unit hiding behind the mirror, the mirror becomes a truly amazing piece any small bathroom should have. 

This is a perfect storage unit for medicine or your skincare products. You can also store jewelry there. Anything small that needs to be organized well could find its place in a storage unit like this one. If you manage to find one with hooks, you’ll improve the storage situation even more. 

7. Use a separate cabinet for cleaning supplies 

Keeping everything organized means not mixing things up. You shouldn’t keep your cleaning supplies in the same space where you keep your makeup or your face and body wash.

The best space for the cleaning supplies is under the sink cabinet. With a tiered organizer, you’ll be able to store everything perfectly. Make sure to do this as soon as possible and make your small bathroom as practical as possible. 


A small bathroom may seem like a hopeless situation but that’s not the case. Instead, a small bathroom can be a true sanctuary if you just find the right way to keep it organized and mess-free!

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