7 House Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid Next Time

House Cleaning

Nobody is perfect so we all can commit cleaning mistakes anytime without even being aware of it. With all my past experience on cleaning erroneously, I learned some lessons that I must share with you so that you can avoid these cleaning mistakes in the future:

  1. Ensure that you clean your sponge at least once a week to get rid of bacteria and odor that multiplies every time you use it. Most of us always forget to clean our sponge and just use it repeatedly thereby spreading the germs whenever we use it. One way to clean it is by putting a damp sponge inside your microwave or dishwasher. This helps kill the bacteria and avoid spreading of germs. Never overuse your sponge without cleaning it first as the bacteria will multiply when you use it over and over again.
  1. Avoid letting your toilet brush become a breeding ground for bacteria by not rinsing it first thoroughly before putting it back. Let is dry off first for a few minutes and then put it back to where it needs to be kept clean. Remember that this cleaning tool does the dirty work for you so ensure it is well-cleaned after using it.
  1. Be careful using cleaning products right away without even bothering to read instructions on the labels. Spare some time reading the label or the box before throwing it away. Make sure that you follow directions to prevent complications using the products. This way, you can avoid using it the wrong way.
  1. Do not clean from left to right motion as you will be just moving the dirt side to side. Try cleaning with S or Z motion to move the dirt away and not put back the dirt side to side. You will achieve a cleaner surface when you follow this pattern.
  1. Always empty the vacuum bag and check every time to see if it is full already. If you forget to empty the canister, it will not function well and become stinky since air flow will be restricted. To vacuum efficiently, make sure that all dirt is removed from the vacuum bag before another session of cleaning.
  1. Always remember not to spray anything into your electronic stuff. Spray on a microfiber cloth and wipe your gadget with that or it would be better if you just use a duster to get rid of dirt. Spraying liquid on your electronic gadget will only damage your unit.
  1. Try to avoid cleaning windows during sunny weather. The sun heats up the windows faster making them streaky since the sun quickly dries soap and water before you can wipe them properly. Wait for the time when the climate is not too hot so you can enjoy cleaning your windows with good results the next sunny day.

7 House Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid Next Time


So with this list, have you ever wondered if you committed same mistakes? I certainly hope you can remember so you won’t commit same mistakes the next time you clean up your house. If you want to learn house cleaning best practices, hire a professional cleaning service provider like Cleaning Pros. They take pride in cleaning your home in eco-friendly way.  In addition to cleaning your home, they will give you helpful tips to clean your house. Find more useful hacks on Viral Life Hacks.

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