6 Top Mobile Apps For Day Traders

6 Top Mobile Apps For Day Traders

Time is money.   No one knows the innate equation between the acquisition of wealth and the use of time better than a person that trades in the financial markets.   For the person who is actively trading, time as well as timing can make the difference between profit and loss.  With today’s digital devices allowing unprecedented access to the global financial markets there are a number of apps available for Day traders that allow you stay on point while on the go.  But which ones are the best?  Which ones will give you that extra edge and insight that the top players carry with them?   Here are the top six digital apps that will put the abilities you need into the palm of your hand.


It is what it says it is.  It’s a Twitter for traders.  The app allows you to see how traders are responding to fluctuating market dynamics.   You’ll be able to collect feeds from trading firms, media as well as amateur traders and more.   There are also of technical analysis charts and videos available for free.  If you’re a day trader this free gem is a must have.


Bloomberg has been delivering top notch financial information for quite some time and their move into the digital landscape shows that they’re still on top of their game.   Everyone knows how quickly market dynamics can shift and the importance of staying on top of real time financial news.  Bloomberg’s mobile app delivers real time feeds, current events, stock quotes and detailed graphs.  In addition, the app will deliver push notifications for breaking news so you’re always on top of the latest happenings.

Stock Guru

This app puts real time deep analysis of close to nine thousand stocks at your finger tips.   The intuitive interface gives you access to risk analysis, volume analysis, price support and price ratings for each issue as well as its own rating.   It also has a complete snapshot of each stock if you’re not the type of person who wants to go too deep into every issue.  The app costs 19.95 but if you’re serious about making money in the markets then it’s an app that will deliver a solid ROI which is more than you can say about a lot of stocks out there.


Some people swear by analysts while others swear at analysts but if you’re the type that uses the advice of these Wall Street mavens then you’ll love this app.   From here you can access ratings for thousands of stocks and also create a watch list for issues that you might want to move into.

Wall Street analysts are the type of people you either love or hate. Some investors rely on their research to make decisions while others ignore them altogether. If you’re one that uses analyst ratings as part of your research, check out AnalystRT. This app includes analyst ratings for thousands of stocks and allows you to create a watch list for stocks that you’re considering buying. It will set you back $2.99, but for those who rely on the opinions of analysts, this is a must have.

Net Dania Forex

If you’re looking for live updates, real time data streams of major indices, currencies, metals, commodities and pretty much everything else of value that can be traded then Net Dania Forex app should be on your mobile device.  You can even choose to receive push notifications when new data is released.  The interface is clean and set up is fairly simple.

CNBC Real Time

Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, this app is a must have.  It’s one of the only free apps delivering real time quote, five years of historical data of thousands of issues, with custom views.  All major indices are covered.  You view quotes up to five years back, stay abreast of breaking news, and get your CNBC fix 24/7 all inside of a friendly user interface.

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