6 Reasons To Choose Dedicated Hosting Instead Of Shared Hosting

Are you looking for a hosting plan that provides you with the most exclusive rights to your website? Well then, dedicated hosting is the thing for you! Unlike shared hosting, you don’t share the server with other customers and instead, you get your own server to operate on. Shared hosting ends up in slow and unsatisfactory service. To find out more about dedicated hosting, log on to http://webhostingreview.info/dedicated-hosting/.
6 Reasons To Choose Dedicated Hosting Instead Of Shared Hosting
Following are the top 6 benefits of dedicated hosting as compared to shared hosting:
1. No More Waiting: Being the owner of an entire server, you get the fastest speeds possible for hosting your website along with faster loading and great server response. It gives you the best performance and no hindrance from any other websites. This not only enables you to manage your site quickly, but also keeps your visitors happy too, as they get a great browsing experience. In shared hosting, your requests may get queued up against other websites, resulting in a delayed service.
2. No Crashes: Perhaps the worst thing about shared hosting is server crashing which occurs way too often. It’s just not affordable for companies to have their website down, even for a minute. To avoid this, they definitely would want dedicated hosting to have the most optimized system, that does not crash. It’s simply more reliable.
3. Multiple Websites: On a single dedicated server, you can host as many websites as you want, whereas a shared server, is shared with many customers and you have no control over it..
4. It’s Your Word: The best thing, and probably the biggest reason, you’d go for dedicated hosting is because it’s all custom. You get to choose your server’s hardware, its operating system; in short, it’s all up to you. Root access to your server allows you to install any scripts you want. You can even test any experimental web apps, if you wish. This allows you to expand your website when you need to. You just can’t have all these liberties with shared hosting. Shared hosting only allows for website management through the hosts’ typical setup which might not meet your needs. If you’re a technical expert, dedicated hosting is your thing.
5. No Limitations on Bandwidth: Hate those little warnings telling you that you are reaching your bandwidth limits on shared servers? Say goodbye to those by opting to dedicated hosting. Upload and download as much as you want. If you’re running a website that requires a lot of file transfer, this is a must have..
6. Dedicated IP Address: Everyone wants the maximum amount of views on their website, and dedicated IPs are essential to get better search engine rankings. Even though you can pay extra to get dedicated IPs on shared hosting, it just isn’t the same. With dedicated hosting, your IP not only gives you better SEO, but also more control and better speed.
Dedicated hosting is mainly popular among larger firms that can generate enough revenue. However, if you have a large project planned, you might want this. This is the most tailor-made and powerful hosting solution out there. However, always determine your needs and research well before choosing any plan.

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