6 Cool & Geeky Gadgets For Your Freshman

Tap into some of the best gift ideas that we’ve rounded up for your most important freshman geek. From the enormous collection of geeky products available out there, we chose six that in our opinion will make any geek feel more geeky about himself, and you will proud yourself for being able to think like one, if you aren’t a geek yourself. Check out our top six freshman geek gift guide for advice.

PepperGram Smartphone Projector

With your smartphone and this upside-down pyramid, made of semi-reflective and semi-transparent plastic material, you can create a fantastic illusion that will look like a real hologram. All you need is a YouTube video (you can find lots of 3 dimensional moving images, by searching “four side pyramid holographic video”). Your phone will be able to project the rotating Earth, lightning storms, butterflies, jellyfish, fireworks and many more. By darkening the room and playing a bright 3D video, the pyramid produces several images that create this realistic image effect in 360 degrees.

Plasma Ball Music Speaker

A sort of Nikola Tesla’s glass sphere with plasma lights inside, that are moving to the rhythm of your music and activates to the touch of your fingers. It comes equipped with a powerful 5W loudspeaker, and you can play music via wireless connectivity between the speaker and your smartphone, or MP3 with an SD card.

Virtual Reality Goggles

A Virtual Reality headset allows you to enter an entire new world, straight from the comfort of your own room. You can watch 3D movies or play simulated games all on this one device. Simply place your phone into the grip and put on the headset with adjustable head straps and “voilà”, you are now in a different reality from the digital world. You can look in all directions to really get to grips with the surroundings. It has 360 degrees panoramic view that uses the gyroscope in your smartphone to know when your head is moving.

6 Cool & Geeky Gadgets For Your Freshman

Solar Powered Charger

With the solar powered charger you can harness the power of the sun to power your phone. With roughly the size and weight of your phone, a solar powered charger connects to your device with a USB port to provide you with a full charge in only a few hours. It’s perfect for the environmentally conscious geek and simply a great solution when camping or emergency situations.


The smartwatch market is booming, and many tech companies and watchmakers, such as the famous cheat watch creators, scramble to capture the curiosity of consumers and the general impression is that there are almost too many options to choose from. Smartwatch is probably the most favorite gift option and everyone that’s interested in buying one, we definitely recommend getting on board.

Quadcopters and Drones

Quadcopters and drones are an absolute must to consider, when choosing a gift for anyone interested in cool gadgets. You can soar above rooftops and trees, seeing and recording what the mounted camera sees. A quadcopter will be gladly received and appreciated. With a gift like this, you will definitely see your geek getting intensely passionate about flying.

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