6 Companies You Should Invest Your Money In

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just trying your hand at the stock market, you want to put your money in investments that offer the best return. But how do you know which companies are worth the risk? No one knows for certain, but leading experts do offer recommendations based on trends and their educated predictions. Here are a few of the best companies to invest your money in today.

Starbucks Creates Buzz with Continued Expansion


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Starbucks has been highly successful and has big plans for growth, with the goal of doubling its presence in China by 2015. It doesn’t look like the coffee-lovers’ paradise is going away anytime soon, so investing your money in Starbucks is a smart move.

International Business Machines (IBM) Expected to Continue Steady Growth

Investing in technology companies is a make-it-or-break-it move. Choose companies with a solid history that are moving forward with innovation. New startups are a bigger risk, as they often don’t have proven leadership or ability to withstand ups and downs. One of the best companies to put your money in is IBM, which has a solid history of success and is expected to continue its upward trend in the coming years.

Apple Moves Forward with Mobile Success

Apple’s MAC computers have battled with Microsoft’s products for many years, but Apple is leading the innovation pack when it comes to its iOS mobile-device platform. There are other things in the pipeline, too, such as Apple TV and improved social integration across its product lines. Leading portfolio expert Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments, recommends Apple as a strategic investment option and says if you already own stock, sit on it.

Google, Inc. Maintains a Stronghold in Search and Beyond

Google isn’t a traditional technology investment like IBM or Apple. Google started out as a search engine giant, but today has interests in a variety of innovative technology sectors. Between the Android mobile operating platform and true technology advances such as Google Glass, Google is poised for a major presence for decades to come—and has the resources to create staying power.

General Electric Company Maintains Trust through the Decades

You know General Electric Company as a leading appliance manufacturer, but the company is developing a strong presence into both the renewable and conventional energy sectors. In 2011, GE was the sixth largest company in the U.S., and its new initiatives are expected to pay big dividends.

Tenneco, Inc. Holds Promise Despite Volatility in the Auto Industry

You might think that investing in anything automotive-related isn’t a wise move given the volatility in the industry. Yet Tenneco, Inc. is recommended by multiple investment strategists as a solid move and has a projected growth rate of 18 to 20 percent through the next several years.
Investing can be a tricky business. But if you put your money in solid investment opportunities and are prepared to sit still for a few years, these six companies can reap you huge rewards.

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