5 Ways To Give Your Home’s Interior A Modern Upgrade

5 Ways To Give Your Home’s Interior A Modern Upgrade

Making your home feel like a high-end house doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a few simple upgrades, any homeowner can transform their house into a modern luxury home. Modern interior design is hard to define but is usually characterized by reflecting the modern art movements with minimism, simplicity, and occasionally retro style. Read on for tips to turn the interior of your home into a beautifully designed space.

Install Crown Molding

Details like crown molding may not be at the top of your list for modern upgrades, but these details can make any home look high-end in a heartbeat. Crown molding can add the finishing touches to a room as it helps any space look more refined. Giving an elegant appearance to a room by unifying the walls and the ceiling, this type of detail will add glamour to your home. While crown molding might initially seem like a more classic touch, there are many varieties and styles available. Going for a simple, geometric molding will protect your walls while giving them a modern look.

Repaint Your Walls

Never underestimate the color of your walls. A fresh paint job can bring a new sense of luxury or modernity to your home. Popular color palettes for more contemporary homes include simple tones that are incredibly sophisticated. When choosing your color palette, think of monochromatic tones and neutrals like white, gray, blue, and tan. To keep things fresh, add in pops of bold colors like bright blue, red, orange on a few statement walls in your home. The use of neutral colors paired with occasional statement walls gives the interior a fresh, modern vibe.

Upgrade Your Shelving

While many people associate modern home design with empty walls and very limited furniture, this doesn’t have to be the case. The right shelving can bring a sense of clutter-free organization to your home. Consider trendy styles like floating shelves when upgrading to more modern styles. With floating shelf brackets, you’ll achieve the effect of the clean and streamlined shelving that’s currently trending in contemporary interior design. Other similar “invisible” supports for things like paintings, tables and chairs will give your interior an extremely contemporary and fun appearance.

Install New Window Treatments

Many homeowners believe leaving their windows bare is the quickest way to achieve the modern look. However, window treatments are a welcome addition that will add privacy and a sense of elegance. Choose window treatments that are made with high-quality materials to avoid the cheap look of see-through fabrics. In keeping with the contemporary style of your home, choose unconventional window treatment materials like wood blinds or bamboo shades. The modern style may revolve around simplicity, but it also relies on fusion of materials and traditional styles to really make a statement.

Update Your Hardware Finishes

Hardware finishes are another way to bring an element of refined modernity to any space. Details like knobs and drawer pulls are the finishing touches to consider in your home makeover. Opt for expensive-looking hardware finishes to complete the styling in your home for a total luxury look.

The simplest upgrades make for a beautiful and elegant makeover for your home. For a more simple, futuristic style, look to chrome and stainless steel handrails. For a more classic vibe, look at brash and gold finishes that can still be shaped and designed to follow modern and contemporary trends.

Keep these tips in mind as you transform your house into a modern masterpiece. With patience, an eye for detail and a willingness to reorganize, you can give your home a modern makeover. This will make your living space look newer, cleaner, and ready for the New Year.

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