5 Things To Do In Northern California

5 Things To Do In Northern California

Are you are tourist cruising through Cali? Or perhaps you’re a local who wants to spice things up on the weekend by doing something different? Understanding the wide range of things to do in awesome Northern California starts with some due diligence.

Whether you’re in love with ocean living or wine-tasting the region offers you a wide range of fun, fulfilling activities.

Check out these 5 things to do in Northern California.

Visit the Armstrong Redwood Reserve

If you wish to appreciate stunning beauty apart from wine country visit the Armstrong Redwood Reserve in Sonoma County. Family-friendly walks, hikes and group camping are a few popular activities for you to partake in. Stand in awe at the massive, towering redwood trees which dominate the forest.

5 Things To Do In Northern California

Hike in Win Country

Wine tasting is not the only thing that you can do in wine country. Go for a hike through some of the more beautiful areas in the region. The pleasant climate and stunning scenery make for perfect hiking conditions. Make sure to bring the appropriate gear to most enjoy the experience. Hiking boots and loose, comfortable clothes are a must.  Remember to bring ample water to stay hydrated and bring a few snacks to fuel the machine for a rewarding, enjoyable day on the trail. You can check local tourism offices or state parks for the best hiking areas in the region. Try the Calistoga area in Napa Valley if you want a winner.

Hit the Casinos

Visit Northern California casinos for a fun, exciting evening. Try your luck out with blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps.  Or you can try poker or Texas Hold’em if you want to switch things up. Have a blast and take home some extra cash if you play your cards right. Playing the tables is only one enjoyable aspect of hitting the casinos. People watch for a fascinating glimpse into a colorful environment.  Don’t forget to enjoy a cocktail. Sit down for a bite to eat after you’ve worked up an appetite at the fine dining lounges.

Wine Country

Northern California is a world renowned spot for wine fanatics. Travel through Napa Valley for unparalled views of the local vineyards.  Go on a tasting tour, grab a bite to eat and soak up the beauty of the region.  If you’re new to the wine tasting thing learn how to sample wine and find out where you need to stay to most enjoy your experience.

Be sure to take your time while touring the region. Tap into the chief appeal of a tasting tour; learning how to savor both the tastes of fine wines and the stunning natural beauty of the region helps to create a special experience.

Bodega Bay

If you’re a seafood lover check out the fare at Bodega Bay in Northern California. Crab and oysters are available in plenty and you’ll be treated to majestic, sweeping views of pristine ocean.  Take a trip to this area to watch the boats cruise in with the day’s catch.