5 Signs Of A Genuine Rolex Watch

5 Signs Of A Genuine Rolex Watch
Rolex watches are highly sought after and are usually worth thousands of pounds. Parents buy Rolex watches in order to pass down to their children. Rolex watches are also bought as an investment where they are kept in a safe to increase their value furthermore. As demand is always high for Rolex watches, those who want to buy them should consider many factors so that they select a genuine model. Here’s what Rolex watch buyers should remember so that a fake model isn’t bought:

Does it make a ticking noise?

Authentic Rolexes don’t make any noise apart from a couple of models that are increasingly rare. If a Rolex watch makes a ticking noise of any kind, it is fake. Rolex watches are very popular as a result, in particular with those who want to own a completely silent watch. It is easy to find out if a Rolex watch is genuine because, when it is held up to a person’s ear, it can be determined straight away if it is silent.
5 Signs Of A Genuine Rolex Watch

How much does it cost?

Fake Rolexes might look similar to real models but they are inexpensive. If a supposedly authentic Rolex watch is being sold for less than £500, it’s unlikely that it is authentic. Even if a serial number is provided, it might have been taken from another Rolex watch which is genuine. When a Rolex watch is being sold for a far higher price, such doubts probably won’t arise.

Where was it made?

Every Rolex watch is made in Switzerland and so too are its parts. The fact that a Rolex watch is made in this country is detailed on its back. If ‘Made in China’ is on a Rolex watch, it isn’t authentic. If a Rolex’s parts have been made in another country, it is also fake.

What are its engravings like?

If the engravings on a Rolex watch are uneven or there are spelling mistakes, it is fake. Rolex is renowned for the quality of its engravings and authentic models don’t have such errors. Even if a Rolex watch is decades old, its engravings will still be straight where every word is spelt correctly.

Can water penetrate it?

If water can penetrate a Rolex watch’s casing, such as its dial, it is fake. As Rolex watches have an Oyster design, which was the world’s first waterproof watch, no damage will be caused even when it is exposed to excessive amounts of water. If a Rolex watch is worn by sailors or other professionals who work near water or the ocean, it won’t take them long to test it. As testing a watch by exposing it to water only requires one person, its owner won’t have to involve anyone else. In fact, after just a couple of seconds, it can be determined if a Rolex watch is genuine or a complete fake. Consequently, there won’t be any uncertainty about if a watch was actually made by Rolex. Yu can find genuine Rolex watch buyers by clicking here.

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