5 Reasons You Didn’t Know Will Give You Skin Problems

Skin Problems

It is important to know what is causing problems on your skin. This will allow you to know the best way to prevent and eliminate the problem.Below are some reasons you need to know that can lead to skin issues.

1. Infections on your Skin

This can be caused by applying pressure on your face. The phone you use can create pressure on your face as you call or receive calls.Resting your hand on your face can also transfer bacteria’sto your facial skin.

Applying pressure on your face forces the bacteria into your pores. This can lead to skin breakouts. Anaerobic bacteria species are believed to be associated with acne disorder.

Avoid applying external pressure on your face. Cleanse your face properly always to keep bacteria at bay. You should focus on eliminating the bacteria and also the skin disorder that is caused by the bacteria. You can use antibiotics to keep bacteria’s at bay. Highly recommended antibiotics are those that contain retinoid. Tea tree oil can also help in killing the bacteria on your skin surface.

2. Diet

An unhealthy diet can lead to very many skin disorders such as acne. Refined and sugary food contains a lot of calories that are harmful to your skin.They increase your blood sugar level. This leads to excess production of insulin hormone that causes some skin problems.

Certain food may cause allergies to your body. This can lead to production of histamine chemical, which on extreme leads to fatal death. Other products in your diet such as dairy and meat contain hormones that may be sensitive to your skin.Food sensitivities can lead to the acne, hives and eczema disorders.

You should focus on taking a healthy diet and drinking plenty water to take care of your skin condition.Take a lot of fruits and vegetables. They contain a minerals and antioxidants property that helps you to maintain a radiant skin. Take diet rich in flavonoids to maintain a healthy glowing skin. Use healthy fats in your diet. They are essential in maintain a supple and moist skin.

3. Cleanliness

Failure to wash your body appropriately may lead to skin infections and diseases. Dirtiness leads to accumulation of germs that cause diseases. Dirt, sweat, oil and skin dead cells accumulate clogging your pores. This might lead to chronic skin issues such as acne.Patches of thick, brown plagues known as Dermatitis can also affect your skin.

Combination of workouts and failure to clean up can pose great problem to your skin. Pimples and bumps can form around the areas where you sweat mostly. What cause acne,is actually the clogging of pores by the sweat. Bathing with hard water causes skin irritation and also breakouts.

To keep your skin healthy you should maintain cleanliness. You should wash off the dirt and change your clothes after your workout. This will prevent accumulation of sweat on your glands.However, washing your skin frequently deprives natural chemicals that maintain your skin healthy.

4. Makeups

If you put on makeups inappropriately with inappropriate tools and products, they can lead to skin disorders.

  • Makeup tools
    Brushes used to apply makeup can cause skin breakouts. Failure to wash your brush can also lead to irritations acne and also the can transfer bacteria’s on your skin.
  • Makeup products
    Some products contain harmful ingredients that are come dogenic. They clog up your skin pores leading to breakouts.Artificial colors in them cause skin irritation and breakouts.

Lanolin can cause breakouts on your skin if it is acne prone. Mineral oil can cause white bumps. This is because it forms a film on your skin that traps bacteria and dead skin cell. Petroleum can lead to pore clogging. Artificial fragrances irritate your skin and can cause skin breakouts.

Always choose your skin products and tools wisely. Use products that are non-come dogenic. Clean your makeup tools appropriately. Try using fragrance free products.Do not introduce new products on your face at once. In stead introduce one by one at a time. This will help you to have an easy time to do away with products that cause your face to breakout. You should be keen on checking the labels before purchasing a product.

5. Change in Hormonal Levels

This can be caused by:

  • Certain periods in your lifetime.This is especially during puberty, pregnancy, menopause or pre-menstrual period in women. For men too much androgen hormones such as testosterone can cause acne.
  • Stress can lead to increase of cortisol hormone that interferes with collagen production. This can lead to problems such a stretch marks and acne. They also lead to overproduction of excess oil which can clog your pores.
  • Some drugs given on prescription can contain ingredient that are harmful to your skin. Steroids ingredients can lead to acne. Some Oral contraceptives lead to changes in hormone level. Some may lead to allergies that can lead to hikes and eczema. Mixing of drugs can also lead to skin irritations.
  • The diet that you take can also interfere with hormonal levels. Dairy is one of the diet constituents that are helpful in your body. However, it can influence the hormones that can lead to skin disorders in some people.

Some problems disappear as soon as you end your anger and frustrations. Carrying some workouts, taking a deep breath, relaxing and getting enough sleep can help you to release your body from tension. Try topical treatments to lessen problems caused by hormonal imbalance.


You can prevent and solve skin problems easily, when you are aware of the cause. Above are some of the reasons that can lead to skin problems and their solution. Stay healthy and maintain a healthy, radiant skin.

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