5 Reasons To Replace Your Old Entry Door With A Wrought Iron Door

‘Front door’ is what we are going to discuss about, the point of installing a front iron door, and which variety of substance should you use. I understand you’ll feel weird observing someone emphasizing on the significance of a front door. But, I will urge all the readers to read till the end and then judge if it was worth it or not.

So, the front door is the mouth of your house, yes, a mouth. Sounds ridiculous right? But it’s the truth. Think a bit, like your mouth, is the gateway to each raw substance that goes inside your abdomen (representing your home here), in a similar way, your home is shielded by every cynical spirit and people by a front door.

Also, the next-door-neighbor in the US don’t possess any admiration for another’s possessions. They will ravage your garden and damage other embellishing items or make a timesaver path passing from your garden. Hence, it doesn’t only serve the purpose of ornamenting your house, also defends your house from over-friendly neighbors.  

The Drawbacks of Wooden Doors

When it comes to choosing the front door, mostly people consider using a wooden door. I agree wooden doors look more appealing to eyes and are more authentic but the fact that doors are not strong enough to protect you from evil forces. Robbers and other people looking to harass you can easily break a wooden door and get in, all you’ll have is to pray for your safety, and call 911.

Simple Iron V/S Wrought Iron

We are okay with iron, now the difficult conundrum that comes in is which iron is the best for doors. Cast iron or the raw iron has many varieties but which is the best one to choose? The wrought iron is difficult to pound into the desired shape. On the contrary, different alloys of iron that exist are more useful for making doors. Wrought iron, an alloy of cast iron is a suitable option for entry gates. The wrought iron is first heated and then worked with tools to bend into the desired shape. Wrought iron maintains the same strength and durability as cast iron.  

Reasons why Wrought Iron Doors are better

  1. Prestige: There are many reasons to install a wrought iron door at your home entry. The top reason being security, protection from outside world, and the prestige that comes with a front door gate.
  2. Beauty: An entry door is a perfect partner for an elegant house, graced with a wrought iron door as the protector of your realm.  
  3. Weight: Compared to wooden or iron doors, wrought iron doors are much lighter and tougher.   
  4. Security: One fact that you and I mutually agree on completely is the enhancement of security after replacing the usual door with a wrought iron door. Iron is always better than wood and wrought iron is tougher than natural iron.  
  5. Durability & strength: The durability and strength is one more factor that gives wrought iron doors an edge over doors made from other materials.

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