5 Pieces Of Survival Gear That You Need To Carry On Every Trekking/Camping Trip

5 Pieces Of Survival Gear That You Need To Carry On Every Trekking/Camping Trip

Going on a camping or hiking trip is always going to feel exciting, whether it’s your first trip or your twentieth. However, there are also safety precautions that you need to take each time you head into the woods or up the hill. Carrying these five pieces of survival gear mentioned next is an essential part of being safe.

The Survival Knife

This comes at the number one spot because if you really do end up in an emergency situation, the survival knife is going to be your best friend. In general, a camping trip to the woods or just hiking would be impossible without a knife or two by your side. Everything from opening packs, digging, making camps, starting a fire, cutting ropes and even hunting (if the need is dire enough) can be done with the right knife. They are so essential that the general rule is to bring at least two of them. In order to know more about buying the right kind of knife, head over to Knifeista, where they have info, tips, and advice on every type of survival knife in existence.

The Waterproof Backpack

Rain might feel like a relief after a hot day of hiking, but if you have plans to stay in the forest overnight and the rain doesn’t stop, you won’t likely appreciate it as much. Even if it’s just a passing shower, everything you have in your backpack will get drenched and you won’t have any dry clothes to change into. The water might also destroy your phone or any other electronics that you could be carrying, so a waterproof backpack is a must-have survival item.

The First-Aid Kit

Depending on how long or potentially dangerous your trip is, the size and contents of the first-aid kit will vary, but bandages, antiseptic ointments, antihistamines, antacids, and any other medication that you take daily or might need during emergency situations is a must. When you are in the woods, even an apparently harmless scratch can get infected pretty fast.

Rope and Tarp

As long as you have some rope and a tarp to work with, you will be able to build a makeshift shelter in the woods, in case you get lost or separated from the group or if you lose your gear during an emergency. It is also advised that you take a look at a few videos on YouTube regarding how to make a makeshift shelter in the woods with rope and tarp to prepare yourself for the actual emergency.

The Map

Learn to read a map and carry one of the local area with you at all times. Smartphones may not work and they do run out of battery, but the map will stay with you and will probably be your only hope of getting out of the place alive, should you manage to get yourself lost in the middle of nowhere. Also, buy a waterproof map because it won’t be affected by rain.

There’s also the compass, the water bottle, the sleeping bag and so much more that could come in handy, but these five are the absolute bare essentials, which you should never forget while heading out for a trek or a camping experience.

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