5 Moves of Rummy That Makes Great Life Lessons

There are many people in India who enjoy a session of rummy games and they have learnt much from their card game love. Life lessons they have gained from this game have helped them much in their life and it is time you understand these too and work to improvise your life as well. Here are some simple ways in which rummy teaches important life lessons to one and all:

Order and Method

One thing that is very important in rummy game is to play with order and method. The goal of the game is to create a fixed number of melds and sequences. Every player is given cards and opportunities to create these sets and sequences. However, out of all the players who play this game, only players who follow the rules and respect order and method win the game eventually.

Saving the Bonuses

Just like in life, in rummy too you need to manage the bonuses wisely. In the game of rummy, the jokers are the bonuses. When you get an actual or pulled out joker, do not instantly use it to complete a set or a sequence. You need to hold it in stock and wait till the natural sequence is complete. Jokers should be used to complete the sets once the natural sequence has been made. Jokers maybe used to make real sequences as well.

This is similar to real life money management. You need to save some of your earnings and not be exorbitant with the little you earn. People who have the habit of saving a part of their earnings eventually succeed in their lives. Those who spend every bit they earn are left with nothing in the end.

Points Management

This is one of the card games where having more points is not appreciated and you need to have as less points as possible if you lose the game. Even when you are playing the game, your mind should be working out different ways to keep the points minimum. Try disposing off high point cards. Do not wait to complete high point sequences. Try to prepare low point card sequences.

This is again quite similar to real life where your priority is basic living. You should not spend on posh lifestyle by cutting down on the basics of life. Your priority should always be food, clothing, shelter, education and health. Once these are successfully achieved, you may use money to purchase a posh vehicle or a lavish house.

Life is Priority

This is one thing common in real life and in rummy. Your priority is always life first. A good rummy player knows this and will focus his attention first on building the natural or pure sequence and real or artificial sequence. Once these two are done, he can think of preparing melds and sets which will anyways be formed with or without the jokers.

Give Up Before You Lose

Another very important life lesson that only a rummy game player would know is this. One must be willing to give up before he loses everything. In this game, the player can quit by being charged 20-25 points at the beginning of the game in case he does not have a good hand. If he starts playing and halfway through the game he has not managed to form a life, he can quit by being charged double the initial amount. This is always better than clinging to a wrong hand and losing everything you have.

These are just a couple of important life lessons that every rummy player knows because his game teaches him this.

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