5 Modern Conservatory Ideas To Create A Serene Escape

5 Modern Conservatory Ideas To Create A Serene Escape

Having a serene and relaxing conservatory is the dream, especially in the summer months. Creating an extension of your home and garden, to create one space that is right in the middle of both, is perfect for those days where you just want to relax and make the most of the beautiful weather. 

Opening the doors to lead directly out to the garden, relaxing with a nice glass of wine and a book on a warm day or even transforming it to be an office, there are plenty of ways you can transform a dull and unloved conservatory into a modern and relaxing summer house. Here are 5 ideas for you to create a modern conservatory space. 

Use Rustic Decor For Calm

If you want your conservatory to be a spot where you can escape on warmer days, then go for an interior decor style which will create that cool and calm feeling. Use rustic decor inspiration to create an idyllic space with cream colours and natural wood. Keep the floor light in colour and add plenty of texture with wooden furniture, cream coloured soft throws and beige or nude cushions. Add some softness to the space by adding floaty curtains or drapes which pool on the floor and accent the space with some gold accessories. 

Create A Home Office

If working from home is looking like a more permanent set-up, then why not transform your conservatory into a temporary summer home office? Using your conservatory means that you get to enjoy the warm summer days, but have a shaded and covered area where you can work undisturbed. On those beautiful summer days, all you need to do is open the doors and let the warm breeze in. When creating a home office in your conservatory, look to use white colours and soft wooden furniture, so that you have a light, airy and stylish space to work in. 

Maximize The Light

With conservatories, you want to make the most of any natural light that comes into the room. You want a conservatory to feel open and airy, combining the best of your home and garden, so maximizing the most of any light that comes through the windows is a great way to achieve this. Stick with a lighter colour palette too, with white walls, ceilings and light wooden floors to make your conservatory much more fresh and bright. Adding colourful soft furnishings is a great way to add both personality and splashes of colour, or stick with light and airy furniture choices to bring the scheme together. 

Create A Cosy Space With Dark Colours

If you want to create a cosy little space to relax and unwind in the evenings, then transform your conservatory with dark colours. Give the space a modern, rustic look with darkly painted wall panelling, low lighting and vintage furniture pieces. Dark blues work really well in smaller rooms, such as conservatories, and can be accessories with a whole range of different colours and textures. Pinks and greys work well with dark blue and work to create a cosy space that is perfect to enjoy and relax in once evening is upon you. 

Blend In With The Garden

If you love spending time in the garden and taking care of your plants and shrubs, then you will understandably want to enjoy the view all through the year, no matter the weather. A great way you can enjoy your garden is by utilising your conservatory space to create a blend of both your home and garden. 

Keep the decor and style quite minimalistic, so that your garden is the main focus of the room. You can do this with pale colours, such as whites and creams, and accessories with natural colours, such as green and brown. Rattan would work really well, whether you choose to go for natural rattan furniture or rattan accessories, such as rugs, vases or plant pots. Try to bring the outside in to create a more seamless blend, by having plants arranged around the room or using wall art prints of your favourite plants or botanicals. 

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