5 Charming Restaurant Decor Ideas In 2022

5 Charming Restaurant Decor Ideas In 2022

Making your restaurant memorable and stand out is a feat worthy of praise. The sheer pressure of wanting to succeed can lead to two extremes. Want to stand out by cramming as much furniture, details, colours and items as humanly possible or the exact opposite. The truth is somewhere in between, as it is with all things in life. Finding that perfect balance that will click with you is more of a marathon and not a sprint. To help you with that, we have some pointers and fresh ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Overall theme

First and foremost, consistency is important. If you are serving only fish food then the overall design should follow. Inspiration can start from the menu and the name of the place. Then, colours need to be consistent. Going thru the pallet range of colours and just mish mashing is not going to cut it. Some colours are appetising. Certain colours like red, orange and yellow, lead the way. Then once the overall theme is chosen, it’s time for the fine details.

2. Plantlife

There are very few or next to no interior restaurant designs that can incorporate plants. You can go with spice plants, flowery ones or decorative ones, it is all the same. Plants make your guests feel the homely vibe of your restaurant, and they also invite Mother Nature in. Food is easy to eat in such a place, and all those plants add to the ambience with very little investment. When compared to the alternatives, these decorative pieces are the least expensive ones.

3. Outdoor dining

Ah, the great outdoors! If you find that your restaurant is a bit cramped or limited with space, then adding a deck or a patio to it is the perfect addition. Making sure that they are covered, with quality and stylish wave shade is a smart step to take. Never forget that the outdoors come with their challenges as well. Dining in the rain for example is pretty romantic if you are not drenched. Patios open up the place and offer a choice for people who are more into open and outdoor dining. Plants are a great detail to include here, especially around the fence/edges.

4. Retro look

No need to re-invent the wheel as some designs were maybe already created. Looking back at some designs can also give food for thought and maybe inspire you. Yes, some of them are timeless classics, but it is up to you to decide if and how they fit into your idea and vision. Sometimes it is ok to take some parts that you like and incorporate them. Other times, you can take the old and invite and improve upon it for something new and modern. Redesigning and breathing fresh air into a used design can be what it takes to put you on the map.

5. Open kitchen

Since we are talking about the classic, the pizza dough flying into the air, spinning and landing on a professional pizza maker’s hand, only to be transformed into a delicious meal later is appetising on its own. Having your quests see how the food is prepared creates trust and transparency and makes the food enjoyable. If anyone had any questions or concerns regarding kitchen hygiene or procedures, those are immediately quashed like fresh grapes and put to rest. Transparency builds trust and such long-lasting relationships are profitable for both parties involved.

Starting any new adventure is daunting at first. At least, that’s a general impression. In reality, each step and change you make helps in scaling that initial hurdle. Bit by bit, step by step and you will be able to see the fruits of your labour manifest before you. Any change is better than none, and even if it doesn’t work out at first, it can always be changed later. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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