4 Must Know Principles Before Filing A Slip and Fall Settlement Case

When involved in a sleep and fall accident or scenario, be sure not to file a case unless you know the rules. A lot of people have gotten it wrong in the past and as a result, quit due to non availability of evidences and facts proving your involvement in the case, and additionally – to show that you’ve really lost or incurred damages.

Sometimes, having a slip and fall attorney to do the counseling is the most important as this helps to enlighten you on the facts surrounding cases as fragile as it. More so, should he/she not be there at the time of occurrence – you should be aware of what actions to take, proofs to gather, as well as evidences to mark to ensure a smooth court proceeding. We’re going to be looking into the first things in the next few lines.

Now, You’re a Victim: Being a victim of slip and fall does not make you an outcast, it doesn’t make you guilty of any offence but rather a conventional misfortune. The same case may be the same for anyone and there are no two ways about it. “Take photos” and this is one of the most vital part of the evidence gathering procedure. Photos are typically an evidence that the incidence truly occurred in the light of nonchalance or carelessness from the other party. These photos should be presented to your slip and fall attorney for further processing and court proceeding planning.

Keep and Gather up your Shoes and Clothing: Not all situations call for chaos and crazy screaming. When a slip and fall accident occurs – depending on who’s involved and the severity of accident. Chances are that you’re not going to be fit and sound enough to scream, shout, not to mention, scold at the other party. In some cases, you may arrantly be in great confusion or unconscious, thus the need to remain quiet, picking up your shoes and making up your dress to cover up your body in good shape.

File a Report: Have you filed a report to the nearest police post? Another alternative could be to call your lawyer or any close relation. As denoted earlier, this totally depends on the severity of damages incurred and the overall situation of things surrounding the accident.

You slip and fall attorney should be invited as soon as possible to take up the issue and move ahead with the presiding phase of the case.

Medical Treatment: In worst or critical slip and fall accidents, victims have ended up with a broken leg, arm, hand etc., and this is no child’s play. General report and medical findings in the state of Ohio shows that out of reported 100% of slip and fall accident scenarios, at least 30% of them were fatal and involved dislocation of either joints of the ankle, knee, hand or other severe bone fracture issues. It is advisable to also report slip and fall cases to a nearby medical center, pharmaceutical department or hospital.

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