4 Experts To Consult Before Buying A Century-Old Home

4 Experts To Consult Before Buying A Century-Old Home

Older homes have an undeniable appeal that can’t be found in newer construction. The designs, materials, and overall feel of an old house are unique. If you’re considering buying a home with a hundred years or more of history behind it, there are some things you should have checked out. Here are four experts you should involve in your pre-purchase analysis of an old home.

Qualified Exterminators

Pests of all kinds are drawn to homes, and older homes are even more likely to be infested with anything from mice to termites. Most of these creatures will scurry out of view as you walk through so it’s important to have an expert look for the other signs of pest infestations. Have an exterminator assess the potential for termites, ants, bats, mice, cockroaches, and other common pests before you purchase the home.

Electricians and Plumbers

Most homes from the early 1900’s were built before electricity and plumbing were incorporated into the construction process. As a result, they were probably retrofitted with these systems later on, possibly by the homeowner. Before you close on an old home, have these professionals go over the entire setup and verify that the plumbing and electrical systems can handle the modern demands of a family.

Home Health Experts

For many years, certain unsafe materials were used in homes because no one realized the danger they posed. Lead paint, asbestos insulation, and unvented radon are all serious health threats. Before buying an older home, have a qualified person check for these hazards and, if any are found, assess the likely cost of mitigating them. Many of the changes are inexpensive but essential for your family’s health.

Foundation Professionals

The foundation is a critical but unseen part of a home. If it has problems, there will be issues throughout the house, from uneven floors to binding doors and a leaky roof. If you’re looking at an older home, have a team of house foundation repair specialists pay it a visit and check for settling, shifting, cracking, or other issues that could impact the structural integrity of the house.

Every year, many old homes are torn down or lost to fires, floods, and other disasters. When you have the opportunity not just to preserve one of these special buildings, it is a rare privilege. By having a team of professionals to evaluate the home before you buy it, you can protect yourself from some of the most destructive, dangerous, and costly surprises hidden inside those old walls.

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