4 Different Multichannel Modules For Call Centre Solutions

4 Different Multichannel Modules For Call Centre Solutions

‘Flintstone’ and ‘the ice age’ eras vaporised into the air of technology and applied science a long time ago. Using coconut shells with a string attached on each end to communicate have shattered into the wide illusion of gadgets. The advent of this handy object called smartphone which gives you access to the perpetual horizon of communication and myriad activities did not only reduce our workload but also helped businesses grow.

Handling call services have designed its multichannel call centre solutions over the past 14 years by working with customers in every sector comprising charities, major private call centres, public sectors and government and many others.

What is multichannel communication? Multichannel communication simply refers to several different methods of communication. Phone calls, text messages, chats and emails are some of the few examples. Placing each one of these services together, you can have a solution for your customer to communicate with call centre agents and answer them in the best way to suit your contact needs. As a matter of fact, four important multichannel modules survived every technological breakthrough for call centres and are thriving at the top of the game. Let’s peek into these four legendary components.

  • Telephone communication

The speech and voice module is about offering the most effective way to maintain client needs and necessities through telephone. The system is cloud based and therefore they can perform their bit of activity from anywhere. The staff can log in or out at any time to take calls from clients over the web or over the telephone. Further to this, agents from a specific department are assigned to take calls within your organisation and arrange particular advisor or calls.

  • Short message service

SMS facilities are still leading the communication field. The text message as a part of call centre solutions allows customer to send a text to the organisation regarding complaints, issues or other queries. In the meantime the organisation manages the agent who is proficient and specialised in a certain department and could answer these enquiries. The service allows multiple chat options and can build prototypes for FAQs and make it easy for staff to reply to the customers.

  • Web-chatting opportunities

It is an ever-increasing method of communication. Moderate customers seek a ‘simply click to chat’ option and it is believed that web-chat could take over phone calls in the near future. With the help of internet connection an agent can accept to take a conversation from the customer and help him/her accordingly.

  • E-mail solution

Myriad organisations have favored e-mail solution to integrate immediate and direct contact with the customer and sustain the relationship with existing customers in the long-run.

Marketers dealing with multichannel methods are confident enough for a win-win escalation in the market place. But trying to serve customer channel requirements, trusted call centre solutions provider have accidentally made it difficult to serve any one channel proficiently.

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