3 Very Important Tips For Planning The Food Menu For Kids’ Party

If you are planning to celebrate your kid’s birthday by throwing a party for the children in the locality and his/her school friends, one of the most important things to remember is to ensure that the kids have fun. While you can plan several playful activities to keep the kids engaged, your main objective is to make the food tasty and at the same time fun! You surely would not want to have a few kids whose hungry tummy makes them throw tantrums at your party and ruin the entire celebration mood.

Make sure that you don’t keep all the planning and preparation for the last minute; deciding exactly what theme you want for the party, arranging the décor, preparing the invites beforehand will greatly help you save the last minute hassles. If you are well prepared in advance, it will give you sufficient time to plan the food menu for the party. Below mentioned are a few important things that you must consider while planning the menu:

Age Group of the Guests

It is inevitable that you would want to serve a different menu for the older kids than what you serve to the younger kids. If a majority of the guests are younger kids aged between 6-12 you can serve some finger foods like macaroni, chicken nuggets, which are a favorite food for several kids. It is quite easy to serve the older kids, chicken or spinach sandwiches and Pizza are a sure delight for the teenagers. You can choose to order individual pizzas or order a few large pizzas and serve as an assortment of pizza slices. Pizza joints like Dominos have a good selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas. Besides, you can also use the Dominos coupons to get attractive discount or cash back on your order.

What Time is the Party?

This is an important factor to consider, you need to choose the food items based on what time you want the party to begin. Are you going to start your party during lunch time at afternoon, or is it going to be a dinner party. If you want to start the party at the usual meal time, it is natural that the guests will think that you are planning full-fledged meals. So if you want to start at around 12 noon, be prepared to serve lunch, if you are planning to throw a mid-afternoon or early evening party then you can serve simple snacks and a few beverages. To make the party more fun and exciting for the kids you can serve cupcakes, candy floss, ice cream etc.

What is the Party Theme?

Planning the menu around the party theme may sound like it is too much to do but if you plan correctly, it is not only an easy thing to do but also, it would also make your kid’s party one of the most cherished and memorable ones for the guests. You need not have to necessarily make or buy extravagant and lavish food items; instead, you can simply rename the dishes you have prepared or ordered. For instance, if your party is based on the princess theme you can rename the cupcakes as ‘Barbie’ cakes. Food labels are a great way to make the food more appealing to the kids.

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