3 Unexpected Uses of Android OS

As one of the most popular smart platform, Android has been applied to many products like mobile phone, tablet, as well as smart household maybe thanks to its openness. In addition, you can also use the most common Android devices to achieve the seemingly impossible operation. The following are the 3 unexpected uses of Android system we have concluded for you.

1. Play StarCraft

Yes, there is absolutely no problem playing the classic StarCraft on Android phones or tablets. All you’ll need is just the simulator. Simulator software like Winulator supports many classic PC games including StarCraft, Caesar 3 etc. In fact, apart from PC games, Android has many simulators of different game platforms like PS, SFC, GB etc. If you are a retro game lover, an Android phone is also a game machine for you.

2. Become a Meteorological Station

As long as you download a weather meteorological station, your Android phones or tablets will become a professional meteorological station terminal. Different from the ordinary weather forecast, it offers you more projects like air pressure test, humidity, temperature etc. You are able to predict the weather more accurately.

3. Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new universal virtual currency which can be changed to real dollars. So, “mining” becomes hot. If you have Android devices, you can run the mining software like “DroidMnier”, “AndLTC”. Perhaps you can dig a great amount of bitcoins and then change them to real money someday. This can be a new road towards “getting rich”.
In a word, the excellent openness of Android makes it do many things. We hope you can discover more. Anyway, though Android is powerful, it is not perfect. Like iOS, it loses support of Adobe Flash now. That is to say, you cannot play SWF files on Android devices directly. Anyway, you can convert SWF to Android supported formats with iOrgSoft SWF Video Converter. It is an all-in-one program also able to convert SWF to QuickTime, Windows Movie Maker, and Sony Vogas etc and convert SWF to FLV Mac, MP4, MOV, etc for Web sharing.

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