3 Signs You’re Bad At Blackjack (and How To Get Better)

Embarrassed to admit how many hands of blackjack you’ve lost lately? Don’t label yourself a bad player just yet. Check out these common blackjack mistakes and learn how to avoid them and become a better player.

Playing Conservatively

3 Signs You're Bad At Blackjack (and How To Get Better)
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A common misconception about blackjack is that it’s a game best played conservatively. While blackjack does favor conservative play, bold moves are often necessary and beneficial. Here are a few situations where bold moves are great. Try them out online at Luxury Casino Online Blackjack and practice before going to real life casinos.

  • Splitting pairs – The concept of splitting pairs is nerve-raking. However, certain gameplay circumstances call for this bold move. One such example is the benefit of splitting aces and eights each time they’re played as they bring a high chance for a win and a large payout.
  • Spotting a dealer’s weakness – Often, the best time to make a bold move in blackjack is when the dealer’s face up card is weak, such as a 6 or lower and your cards are mid-level such as a soft 13. This is a prime opportunity for you to make a winning hand.

Betting Based on a Whim

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Maybe you dreamed of a winning blackjack streak or you just had a certain lucky feeling about a specific blackjack table that, in the past, led you to play. Chances are good that whatever intuition led you to playing also led you to losing. Here’s how to avoid letting your so-called intuition rule (and destroy) your gameplay:

  • Know the game – Many blackjack newbies play based solely on beginner’s luck. Unfortunately, no one clued them in on the fact that beginner’s luck isn’t an actual thing. Avoid this mistake by knowing the game before playing. Buy a book and learn the rules to play a more informed game and to increase your chances of winning.
  • Use strategy –The sooner you begin viewing blackjack as a game of strategy instead of a game of ‘feel’, the sooner you’ll start winning. Know what odds are in your favor with each hand and make moves based on statistics. For example, while insurance may be beneficial under some circumstances, buying it every time is poor gameplay.

Being Stubborn

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There’s no shame in surrendering when the cards aren’t in your favor. Unfortunately, many players develop a stubborn attitude and rely more on pride than rationality when making gameplay decisions. Here are a few prime times to step down:

  • Losing excessively – Only you know how much you can afford to spend at the blackjack table. If your budget is approaching its bust benchmark, step away. This decision keeps your funds in check and allows you to live to play another day.
  • Knowing the odds – Hands like 15 or 16 are often the best times to surrender. Being too high to hit and too low to stand, those hands increase your chances of a loss.

Not cashing in at the blackjack bank as often as you would prefer? By learning the most common blackjack mistakes and how to overcome them, you can quickly become a better player and have more cash to show for the improvement.

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