14-Day Tour To Indochina Pearls

14-Day Tour To Indochina Pearls

Have you ever felt an extreme exhaustion and boredom from the routine that seems impossible to be taken out of your life? I have, and once I realized it, I could not wait for planning a solo travelling to a strange place where nothing there could even remind me of the days I left behind. That was how I met Vietnam and Cambodia on my map.

I had not known much about these two countries. All I had ever remembered about those countries from my Geography class at high school is that they are located in Southeast Asia, more precisely along Indochina peninsula. Also, being supported by my curiosity, I decided to fly to those places with help from Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel.

14-Day Tour To Indochina Pearls

From Hanoi to Siem Reap

Hanoi serves as a friendly capital city of Vietnam. On a Vietnam Cambodia 14 Day Tour, I can make sure that nobody would perceive monotonous experiences as the tour is indeed arranged so cleverly. In Hanoi, an unforgettable city tour is the main attraction as for a day long, I could see both colonial and traditional traces are left, engraved on Vietnam’s most famous destinations.

Then, I was surprised to know that I was given a chance to visit Halong Bay, one of the world’s heritage sites according to UNESCO. Along the bay, multiple small islands are spread so beautifully. The great Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel did even give tourists to cruise on a boat to see more closely the magnificence of those islands.

From Halong Bay, the trip was continued to Hoi An. This is the place where we all can witness how Vietnamese went through their history. Classical architecture is a lot to be found here. Mekong Delta is also one of the most fascinating destination in Vietnam to visit. This delta is playing significant role in helping Vietnamese survive till today.

It was like I did not feel enough about enjoying Vietnam while I had to leave for Siem Reap from Ho Chi Minh. Siem Reap is where plenty of temples or Angkor were built by ancient Cambodian people. The architecture is preserved by the country as one significant landmark as well as trademark of Cambodia.

By being there, I was brought to years ago, where the world could not be as complicated as today’s version. The ancient architectures were just beyond our knowledge and wisdom today. Because of that I really thanked Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel for helping me accomplish one of my life goals.

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