11 Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts Your Husband Will Love

Your wedding anniversary is an annual celebration of your marital bond, which makes it the best time to treat your husband to a unique gift. Monotonous gifts like a tie, a pair of socks or a designer bag are a thing of the past; and a well-thought-out, meaningful gift will be far more appreciated.

Below are the top 11 gifts to present your husband on your wedding anniversary:

1. Frame Your First Dance

It is customary for every couple to have a first dance on their wedding day and the song chosen for this usually has a deeper meaning for both partners. Find the lyrics of the song you danced to on your wedding day and print them out. The idea is to frame the lyrics along with a picture from the dance in the middle. It’s a simple, yet meaningful gift that your husband will truly cherish. For a vintage feel, write the lyrics by hand and paste the image between the most meaningful verses before framing your creation.

2. Key chain with a Twist

The place where your husband got down on one knee and popped the big question will always be memorable and special. Why not take him back to those days? A metal key chain with the coordinates of the proposal location engraved on it will make for a great anniversary gift. The coordinates can also be engraved on the inside of a platinum ring, which can be presented to your hubby in a cute little box.

3. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

If you’ve undertaken romantic trips together, then make a scrapbook using the various memorabilia collected during your travels. This gift is sure to bring a big smile on your husband’s face as he recounts the time spent with you on these dreamy getaways.

4. Body Pillow

Not only are these large, body-length pillows comfortable to have in your bed, they also make great gifts for fans of anime. Pillows such as the emilia dakimakura (dakimakura -「抱き枕」means body pillow in Japanese) come with popular anime characters in various poses printed on the front and the back. If you thought only your kids love anime, you need to get a dose of this genre yourself to know that grown-ups find it enjoyable too!

5. Personalized Pizza

This is a great gift for anyone who loves pizza and is running low on cash. Several pizza outlets will create a personalized heart-shaped pizza for you. It’s a thoughtful and a delicious gift for a couple to share. If your husband is a food-lover, then you should get him this gift anyway.

6. Painting

Whether or not you consider yourself a creative person, gifting your husband a painting made by you will make for a heartfelt and unique anniversary present that can be found nowhere else.

7. Experience Day

If your husband has a hobby or if he has been dying to try something new by enrolling in a class, give him that experience as a gift. Arrange for him to attend one or several classes to learn a craft that he has always been interested in, but never had time to pursue; for example, a cocktail-making class. Alternatively, if your husband is an adrenaline junky, gift him a day of sky-diving or bungee-jumping lessons.

8. Spa and Wine

What better anniversary gift than something that involves both partners! You can go away together for a spa-weekend to a tranquil part of the country. Several hospitality groups offer specialized couples’ spa-weekend getaways at affordable rates. A romantic weekend in the countryside will be especially magical for those who live in the city. You can also escape into a vineyard and enjoy a wine-tasting weekend. If your husband is fond of fine wine, this gift will be perfect for him. Wine-tasting is an informative and a fun activity and you will return home with a better understanding of how it is made, stored and bottled. You will also know which types of wines you prefer.

9. Shower Radio

Does your husband love singing in the shower? Get him a shower radio, which is water-resistant and can be hung in the bathroom. This can serve as a small gesture which will transform the bathroom into a karaoke arena for an enthusiastic singer! An alternative to this is high-quality water-resistant Bluetooth speakers, which can be connected to your phone’s playlist and placed in the shower. This means you’ll never be without your favorite tunes, even in the bath.

10. Love Letter

Everyone is technology-obsessed and almost no one remembers the art of letter-writing anymore. So, for this anniversary, surprise your husband by writing him an old-fashioned love letter. This gift will make you delve into your past together with memories of the good times. Pen down your feelings for your husband, mention special memories from the past, and write about the experiences you are looking forward to. Putting pen to paper and reminiscing your most-cherished memories will make your husband feel truly special.

11. Romantic Coupons

Write out little coupons that involve various enjoyable couple’s activities that your husband can redeem anytime he likes. For example, make a coupon for a picnic day at the park, which can be used on a sunny weekend, or create a coupon for a romantic homemade meal for two cooked by you. A coupon for a trip to the planetarium for some star-gazing or a fun date-night involving dinner and dancing are good ideas too. Each coupon should suggest a fun, romantic activity; and because you can make as many coupons as you wish, it’s in fact, multiple gifts.

Each of these 11 gifts is unique and will stand out as a memorable one. Your anniversary is a time to celebrate your partner, and a store-bought present simply doesn’t create the kind of effect that a handmade gift does. Putting some thought into your gift will make your partner feel a lot more special and cherished.


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