10 Things To Do Before and After Meal


A healthy lifestyle is key for every individual. All meals required to be taken in a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner have significant nutrients to be absorbed in your body. Consider taking your dinner at least one hour earlier before going to bed. As far as eating healthy is concern, the things we do before and after meals may contribute to unhealthy body. To avoid this, you have to make choices and sacrifices to drop the unhealthy routines. Change is inevitable and in one way or another, we are required to change our habits to achieve the best. The choices and sacrifice we make to drop these unhealthy habits might be painful but for a good course. Some habits may lead to increase of fat storage in your body making you overweight which leads to related diseases like diabetes and heart attacks. When you become obese, you will need to adopt weight loss workouts or use weight loss supplements, which might have negative effects on your body. It is advisable to exercise healthy habits for a healthy body. Long term results of good practices will help you safe money for buying machines for workouts or avoid purchase of supplements.

Exercising of good habits before and after meals is crucial choice to make for your health. The following are good habits to adopt for a good course. Ensure you adopt them daily to realize good health.

1. Smoking

Generally, smoking is harmful to your health either before or after. Smoking will lead to lung cancer as it contains some cancerous subsistence. Smoking after a meal should be avoided at all cost as far as the satisfaction it gives you is concerned. After meal smoking boosts to greater extent the risk of you having cancer.

2. Taking warm water

After a meal, warm water is advised to be taken after twenty to forty minutes, as it will help in breaking down of food in the intestine. The breakdown will boost absorption of significant nutrients required by the body. Before taking a meal, it is also advised to take warm water twenty minutes earlier as it will help you eat less amount of food. Warm water should be taken twenty to forty minutes before and after eating.

3. Fruits

Fruits are essential in your body. It is advised not to take fruits before or immediately after meals. Fruits are best taken early in the morning for better utilization of their nutrients.

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4. Sleeping

Do not go to sleep immediately after taking a meal. It is required that you choose to do some chores before sleeping. This will help your digestion process and ensures that nutrients are absorbed for better use in your body.

5. Take a walk

Twenty minutes after taking your meal will ensure that you are ready for a walk. This will help you utilize energy, fast digestion of food and will help avoid upset of stomach.

6. Loosening your belt

Loosening your belt before or after a meal is a bad habit. It will result to taking more than what you always eat. It will lead to adding weight. Eat to the limit you are okay without loosening your belt.

7. Exercise

Any form of exercise is not healthy after a meal. Avoid going to gym or workouts after eating. It may cause nausea and stomach pains. It will also interfere with your sleeping.

8. Bathing

Take a bath one hour before taking a meal or after taking a meal. This will ensure that your body has effective flow of blood for digestion.

9. Avoid taking tea

Avoid taking tea immediately after having a meal. Tea contains a substance called tannin that prevents effective absorption of significant nutrients required by your body. Tea also leads to depletion of iron in your body, which leads to anemia. Keep tea away after eating for a healthy body.

10. Brush your teeth

You are required to brush your teeth in one-hour time after eating. Brushing of teeth helps in removing food remains between your teeth for healthy teeth and good hygiene. It will help in boosting fresh and good breath. Brushing also helps in keeping the pH of your mouth neutral.


Health is a crucial thing in the life of a human being. It is advised to keep healthy routines for a healthy body. The choices of lifestyles we adopt always have consequences to our lives, living healthy is the best thing to choose. Adopting simple rules in life can lead to lifetime benefits to enjoy.

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