You Didn’t Know These 5 Facts About Makeup

Makeup enhances a glowing face and boosts woman attractiveness. It also increases people’s perception of women’s competence, likeability and trustworthiness. Makeup industries have grown drastically due to the increased use of makeup. Here are 5 facts that will enable you to appreciate the freedom that comes with modern-makeup products and routines.

1. Age for Applying Makeup

Many females apply makeup at a younger age nowadays unlike before where only the grown-ups were allowed. This is due to the increased awareness of these products among all people that has helped to do away with age barrier. They are used as early as 12 years in about 60% of females.

2. Restriction of Specific Makeups

It was against the law to wear an expensive makeup; “Lex Oppia” law in Roman restricted not only woman’s wealth but also the extent at which she displays it.It also prevented women from wearing them in public, however, it was short-lived.

Makeup was only won by noble and upper-class people in Ancient. This made the difference between them and the common people leading to a distasteful look from them.

Restriction of makeup had gone to an extent of men in England wanting to divorce their spouses for wearing makeups. That was back in the 18th century.This was prevented through a declaration made by Queen Victoria allowing women to wear makeup in public.Makeup was finally accepted during the 20th century and at allowed 1960’s young ladies were in a position to put on makeup moderately.

Nowadays,you have freedom to wear the kind of makeup that you want in whatever place you wish. There before, some makeups were for specific people; for instance, only Elizabeth Taylor was allowed to put on red lipstick in her custom. All the others were banned from using the product.

The process of producing and distributing these products were highly restricted by the government through the regulatory bodies.

3. The History of Makeup

  • Kohl, cream from sheep, mixed with powdered lead or antimony and shoot was used as eyebrow shade and eyeliner. This was first used by Ancient Egyptiansand Cleopatra 4000 B-C.Coal was also used to make the eyeliner.Before World WarII various makeup productswere produced. They entail mascara, eyebrow pencils, lipstick and lip gloss, sunscreen oil etc.
  • Nail lacquer was first created in 3000BC by Chinese. They made it from egg whites, bee wax, gum and colored powder.Ancient China also invented on the nail colors which were to be used by aristocratic people. Others were not supposed to wear them otherwise they would end up being executed.
  • Italian women made red lip and cheek stain during Renaissance. This was through mixing cochineal, sandalwood orcinnabar with grease or wax. It was long-lasting though hard to apply.

4. Lipstick

Lipstick term was first used in 1880. Lips of Mesopotamia women were decorated by use of lipstick that was made from crushed jewels. They had a luxury lip color, unlike nowadays; we have a natural lipstick made by use of varieties such as red beetles to fish skills.

Cochineal beetles were grounded to produce carmine red color. It is used in coloring the lips and also the nails. Its first discovery was in Egypt and it was implemented mostly in Incas and Aztecs.Amazingly, Small fish were added to lipstick formula to induce shimmer. This made the lipstick shine. It is in 1915 when a portable lipstick was introduced.

In 1920’s actress seemed as if they wore black lipstick. This is because of the film perception of red as black.White lipstick came into existence around 1960’s.About 80% women wear makeup in American and most of them consume about 4 pounds of lipstick in their life time.

5. Mascara

During the 19th century, the first mascara which is also the modern one was invented by Eugene Rimmel. It was used by both men and women in Ancient Egypt. You should use mascara for a maximum duration of three months and then replace it. It was fashionable then and even today it is present in our latest makeup kits.

It contains mercury in negligible amounts thus it cannot cause harm. As the lipsticks, mascara also contains fish scalesin grounded form known as guanine. They induce shimmer effect on your mascara.Avoid sleeping with it while on your eyes; to prevent breaking of your eyelashes. Be careful when applying it to avoid scratching your eyes.


Above are some of the astonishing experiences women went through in the name of beauty. Thus, it is important to appreciate what you have currently in the field of makeup; where you have freedom to apply anything, at anytime and anywhere you want. We also have wide varieties of modern makeups that we acquire easily compared to them. If they managed to stay gorgeous will all the hardships, why not us? Stay beautiful!

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